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Get to Know Greice Santo: Hit Singer & “Birds Of Prey,” “Space Jam,” “One Day At A Time” Actress 

March 11, 20207 min read

Greice is a driven and determined creative looking to make a name for herself, and to change people’s perceptions of beauty. She broke out of what she describes as “the ghettos of Rio De Janeiro” at just 17-years-old, after being discovered at Carnival as a dancer for one of the best dance schools in Rio, which she said got her used to crowds and helped her to break past any timidness. She has worked on projects such as “Birds of Prey” as Scantily Clad Crystal with Ewan McGregor (though her scenes got cut);  “Jane the Virgin;” “One day at a Time;” and the upcoming Blockbuster with Lebron James, “Space Jam” (she shared that her role is secret but big). Greice has also released hit songs, models, and always focuses on her dancing. Greice is simply a hard worker.


Stunningly beautiful, Greice shared that she struggled  with people only viewing her as eye candy. One of her first roles in Hollywood was the hit Jason Statham movie “Wild Card,” which Greice shared was originally titled “Heat.” She explained that despite the prestige, that she was fully prepared to walk away from it all. After she was asked to play a prostitute, not the character she was initially pitched, Greice shared that she felt demeaned and was ready to leave the $30 million budget film behind.  She shared that because they were so interested in having her in the movie, they wrote her a new character, that wound up being a love interest named Veronica. Greice expressed that as long as she is not being harmed or the image of women is being harmed, she takes most roles, as she is “not as selective…yet.” A lot of things focus on “yet” with Greice.

Greice is driven in many different areas, because she is willing to work on her passions in whatever vicinities in which she has the opportunity to do so. Singing, dancing, modeling and acting all come naturally to her. Her hit “DJ Don’t Stop” was featured on both “Zumba” and “Love Island,” becoming international hits, and earning her an invitation to meet with El Salvador’s young President Bukele as well as the president of Panama. She went to the Latin Billboard Awards and walked the red carpet, rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in music. Greice is well on her way to being one of those names. She worked with Humberto Gatica, a partner of David Foster, who is a star producer who worked on projects such as Michael Jackson’s hit “Thriller,” Janet Jackson’s tracks, Michael Bublé’s projects, Josh Groban’s albums and many more stunners. Gatica was not even aware of Greice’s other projects – he just believed in her talent. Greece shared that she tries to work her Brazilian roots into all of her projects, sharing, “I always try to put my culture in everything I do.”  She said that she understood Gatica’s belief that it wasn’t a good idea for her to start by releasing Portuguese music, as Spanish music could reach a broader audience. She trusted the guidance of her producers, though she made sure there was Samba rhythm in her songs. Greice never misses an opportunity.



Even while working with so many celebrities and stars, Greice is still incredibly focused. Despite the fact she shared that she “never came to the United States looking to be a star,” she never stops working towards stardom now that Hollywood has its eyes on her. Her eye is always on the prize. She’s worked with the likes of Joe Silver, a producer on “The Matrix” who guided Arnold Schwarzenegger and has gained a strong reputation (a semi-infamous one, but nonetheless, strong). She has acted on shows like “One Day at a Time” with icon Rita Moreno (her role will be on the upcoming season). She has stood on some of the most influential sets in California. Yet, Greice shares how “humbled” she was to have such experiences. She told me that despite the sexism and judgment she’s faced, “I do whatever I have to do.” She shared that in order to prepare for roles she “studies studies studies” and makes sure she has done everything she can possibly do.


 Aside from her tireless work, Greice runs a charity “Glam With Greice,” connecting back to her belief in the power of the perception of beauty. She helps women to feel both empowered and beautiful about themselves. She aids women in poverty and victims of bullying through glamour, and always wants to focus on the empowerment of women through her roles. Greice helped to establish ways for women to speak out against Harvey Weinstein, inspired by her own experiences. At the end of the day, Greice shared that, for her, the most important message in life is to “be nice to people.”




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