Now Reading: Five Reasons We Loved The Finale of BTS’s ‘Wings’ Tour


Five Reasons We Loved The Finale of BTS’s ‘Wings’ Tour

December 11, 20173 min read

As BTS and ARMYs (the fanbase) say goodbye to an era, a final tour for the Wings era was held at Gocheok Skydome in Seoul from Dec. 8 to Dec. 10, 2017. After their American debut at the AMAs, the group has become bigger, so I’m sure that you’ve heard about them.

Here’s a list of some things that happened during “The Wings Tour The Final” Day 3:

1. The live broadcast on V LIVE

For the fans who couldn’t attend the concert, NAVER and V LIVE produced a live broadcast of the concert. Along with bonus contents, fans were able to buy it for 800 coins (currency in V LIVE). Every penny spent on that coverage was worth it for me. Although we were not physically present at the concert, we got to enjoy it. If you want to buy the package, you can still purchase it here.

2. The ARMY bomb wave

No, I’m not talking about real bombs here. ARMY bomb is a light-stick, by the way.

In order to come up with a successful ARMY bomb wave, Suga came up with a plan. He said that the crowd needs to hide it until their turn, instead of switching it off. The ocean (crowd) was so beautiful, and it still makes me speechless. That purple light at the end is so magnificent.

3. The slogan

When translated, the slogan says, “When we’re together, even desert becomes sea.” I’m not crying, you are. Every impossible thing can be achieved if we get to help each other. With BTS and ARMYS, everything is made possible by teamwork. “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

4. Their last solo performance

In the Wings album, every member got to do a solo. They’re performing it at every Wings concert. Concluding the said era, this concert could be their last chance of performing solos. It made me emotional. Of course, they’re good as a group. On the other hand, when they’re performing their solos, another side of them was being unleashed. We’re surely gonna miss their solo performances. Can you hear me sobbing?

5. The members being emotional

As the concert came to an end, the members gave their final speech. Almost all of them started to cry, and I was also weeping my tears. They talked about their struggles in the beginning, and RM said that it’s time to say goodbye to the past. Bidding farewell to an era is not the end. They’re stepping out of it, as we welcome them to the doors of new opportunities.

Fret no more, because we’ll be seeing more of them in the next year. They wrote a song with lyrics: “Wings are made to fly.” I’m sure that they’re going to use their wings to fly higher, so they can shine brighter.

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