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Harry Styles Melts Hearts in Magical Video For “Adore You”

December 7, 20193 min read

What does adore spell backwards?

That’s right: eroda.

Harry Styles and his team of creatives fabricated the magical and mythical world of Eroda to promote Styles’s new single “Adore You” which premiered on December 6.

Eroda, the fictional world, is full of all sorts of suspicions. For starters: “Don’t mention the pig in the pub.” And two: “Avoid leaving Eroda on odd-numbered days.”

In the music video, Styles portrays a smiling boy – better known simply as The Boy – whose taken a lonely fish as his companion. Both of them different-a smiling Styles in a world of frowns and the fish different from its kind – it is Styles and his fish up against the challenges the world throws at them. Oh, not to mention, the fish is growing at an abnormally fast pace.

“Adore You” is the sort of song that is easy to remember and hard to forget. The sort of song you need to listen to only once and you become instantaneously hooked. You’ll find yourself tapping your foot and bobbing your head along to the fabulous and rhythmic guitar. Paired with a jazzy beat, Styles sings about summer, strawberries and love-a popular theme in his music given his previously released single “Watermelon Sugar.” In the chorus he repeats, “just let me adore you,” which can certainly be aimed at the fish in the video or Styles’ ex-girlfriend, Camille Rowe.

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Come the end of the song, Styles has successfully shown just how much he’d like to adore us-so much so that he is willing to “walk through fire.” He’s also proven through lyrics and the visuals in the music video just how important companionship is.

And, by the end of the music video, Styles has parted ways with his overgrown fish and befriended the people of Eroda. Having overcome on difficulty, Styles sets sail away from Eroda. Except, the narrator of the video indicates that Styles has set off on an odd number day-and you know what that means…

Surely Styles’s journey will be continued in the next music video. Till then, fans will continue to wait for his sophomore album Fine Line which is set to debut on December 13.

For now, judging by “Adore You,” I think it’s safe to say that Fine Line will be jam-packed with numerous unforgettable songs.

While you wait for the album, check out the music video for “Adore You” below.

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