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Camila Cabello’s New Music Showcases Her Emotional Journey

May 20, 20173 min read

Former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello recently dropped her debut single, “Crying in the Club”. The singer’s split from Fifth Harmony has been anything but easy, and two sides of the story have emerged. Fans had mixed reactions towards Cabello leaving the band. Camila has stated that writing helped her through all of her difficult times and that we’d be seeing a manifestation of her emotions in her new music.

The music video was released on YouTube to emotional reactions from fans. This song comes from her upcoming album, The Hurting The Healing The Loving. Cabello has hinted that the music from this album will tell the story of her journey from sadness to finding herself again.

The music video starts off with an almost two-minute long snippet from another song titled I Have Questions. The first song is an emotional journey through heartbreak and betrayal, and leaves us wondering- what has Camila been through in these past few years? The first verse is sung by a teary eyed Camila Cabello, in a theme of black and white. The opening lyrics to I Have Questions go like this:

“Why did you leave me here to burn?/ I’m too young to be this hurt/ I feel doomed in hotel rooms, staring straight up at the wall/ Counting wounds and I am trying to numb them all.”

The lyrics resonate against the mournful background music, hinting that there are true emotions behind the words.

Midway through the video, the beat changes and flashes of colour push through the black and white. The video transitions to that of Crying in the Club, where we see Camila dancing in a club, singing about not spending too much time worrying about a broken relationship. The colours in the nightclub further showcase the emotional journey that the singer went through. The song itself is amazing — showcasing Cabello’s musical talent in a way we’ve never seen it before.

It is clear from these two songs that we can expect great things from Camila Cabello. I will be anxiously awaiting the rest of the songs!

Check out the video and get the song on iTunes.

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