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Carlie Hanson Speaks Up in Anthemic New Single ‘Ego’ Featuring iann dior

September 25, 20203 min read

At only 20 years of age, Carlie Hanson has already managed to prove she’s got what it takes to make euphoric, groovy pop music with the release of her debut EP Junk back in 2019 — even getting the stamp of approval from none other than Taylor Swift, who added her single ‘Back In My Arms’ to her playlist. Throughout this year, however, she’s redirected her efforts towards a new path, putting out more mid and low-tempo songs and experimenting with trap beats. Her latest track, ‘Good Enough’ was her most vulnerable piece to date with a display of emotion that hadn’t been seen in such degree in the pop star’s career before.

On September 25, Hanson once again fed her fans by releasing ‘Ego,’ an anthemic single featuring iann dior — the 21-year-old rapper who’s currently at the top of the charts thanks to 24Goldn’s ‘Mood.’ The track kicks off with a phrase that’s repeated several times throughout the 2 minutes and 35 seconds of the song and sets the theme: “Sit down, let my ego speak.” From the lyrics, to the vocal delivery and the haunting, edgy production — this is Carlie Hanson at her most powerful.

Artwork for Carlie Hanson’s ‘Ego’ featuring ianndior. Image courtesy of Carlie Hanson.

Youthful energy and a full-on badass vibe are the ingredients that make ‘Ego’ the ultimate anthem to get up, scream and dance to. The track is a result of the young stars’ frustrations with the current state of America and the world — and it couldn’t be blunter as they yell “10, 11, 13 / F—k C.O.P.” Hanson does a great job leading the single and sets the atmosphere up perfectly for iann dior’s verse, the cherry on top for this banger.

“I hope that anybody who hears ‘Ego’ feels empowered;” said Carlie Hanson. “We, as a society, cannot ignore what is happening in our world every. single. day. From police brutality, to corrupt leaders, to the inequality that many people face in their everyday lives. We need to stand up for ourselves and for other people and be loud as f—k as it seems to be the only thing that works! Sit down, so we can speak up for ourselves, so we can be heard.”

Along with her latest release, Carlie Hanson announced her upcoming seven-track EP titled Destroy Destroy Destroy Destroy, coming as soon as October 23rd. If this song and the artwork are anything to go by, the project will be showcasing the singer in her most innovative, refreshing and versatile sound yet — and we can’t wait to hear it.

Artwork for Carlie Hanson’s upcoming EP ‘Destroy Destroy Destroy Destroy’. Image courtesy of Carlie Hanson.

You can now listen to Carlie Hanson’s ‘Ego’ featuring iann dior in all streaming platforms!

Featured Image courtesy of Carlie Hanson.

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