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Colors: A Youtube Channel For Everyone

February 11, 201810 min read

About a few months ago I stumbled upon what could possibly be the most unique, avant-garde YouTube channel in today’s society called Colors.

Colors is based in Berlin, Germany, though their followers reach worldwide. Their motto is “all colors, no genres,” and it does just that. Providing a platform for not just a solo artist but also bands, to have a place to perform where they are associated with a color rather than a genre.

Since my discovery of this channel I’ve been introduced to endless amounts of new artists from all around the world, it also made me realize that a musician does not have to be defined by a single genre and that there are so many varied sounds to music. Nowadays, it seems that many artists are combining their sounds with different musical techniques and producing music that does not necessarily fit into one category or style of today’s hit songs. This channel provides freedom for artists from all platforms to come and perform and connect their work using colors and aesthetically pleasing sounds, it is an absolutely brilliant concept.

I always find myself scrolling through this channel as my refresher for when I am stuck in a music rut or when I am tired of listening to my same old artists and when I am yearning to discover something new. Colors have been my secret weapon for when I ready to explore a new artist or a new genre, and I can happily say till this day it has never failed me.

Below are just some of the mesmerizing performances form the channel that I myself have fallen in love with.

What originally got me hooked on colors was the IAMDDB “Pause” video as I watched her deliver a crisp and utterly captivating performance I was instantly sucked into the effortless rhythm that IAMDDB brought in this video. I was obsessed, I must have rewatched it a thousand times and played it everytime I had the aux cord. With the help of Colors, I have now become a fan of her music and even though she may still be an underrated artist I’m definitely glad I found her.

This resulted in me not only being curious about what Colors was as a channel and platform, but I was curious as to how many more new artists that I could discover through their channel.

Mahalia powerfully performs her song “Sober” which feels and sound like a throwback R&B gem. The old school influences like Erykah Badu and The Fugees shine in her music, and this showstopping showcase of “Sober” proves Mahalia has skills and wisdom well beyond her age. The song brings in the regretful feeling of having a couple drinks in the presence of your love interest and finally telling them how you really feel, but what happens the next morning when your sobriety kicks in and reality sets in.

Through exploring the Colors channel, I discovered modern day jazz/hip-hop artist Masego with his song “Navajo.” I was beyond intrigued to listen to how the artist would incorporate the jazz groove with electric funk music, and I can happily say that I wasn’t disappointed. It was refreshing to find an artist who is on a whole different wave, bringing their own style to hip-hop and dance music.


“Mother May I Sleep With Danger?”  the singer wrestles with beats through the softness of her voice all while touching on complex themes of love and womanhood.

“Mother May I Sleep With Danger” is a track taken from Joy Crookes’ EP Influence. The track which is inspired by Joy’s mother’s outlook on how she lives her life, mixed with the experience involving her boyfriend’s mother. In the track, Joy wrestles with beats through the softness of her voice all while touching on complex themes of love and womanhood. Not only is the colors performance breathtaking but Joy’s EP Influence is a fantastic five track song that explores numerous theme surrounding life and her vintage voice make this one an easy soulful listen.

From the moment this song starts to the very last beat, I find myself entrapped. Dennis’ Lloyd raspy voice completely pull you in, “Leftovers,” a song that battle with mistakes made, pain and constant demonstrations of heartache. There is no denying that this song comes with all the feels and I feel completely in love with it. The song couldn’t get any better until I heard the breathtaking trumpet solo that left me wanting to hear more of Dennis’s music and I only have colors to thank for that.

I hadn’t heard perfection until the day I heard this song. MTMBO’s song “The Hill” was instantly added to every playlist I have made. Once I watched this Colors video of MTMBO performing I researched further on who he was as an artist and what other work he had. His voice consumes you with his dreamy honest sound which takes you to a completely different place as you find yourself forgetting everything around you. This is the sort of song that just puts you in a daydream of lyrical comfort. MTMBO’s gentle slowed down tempo is the perfect mixture of RnB with a hint of Blues complimented with some electronic keys and beats. He is kind of a hidden treasure, the type you come across on SoundCloud, not believing the magic that you’ve just discovered. This is definitely without a doubt my favorite performance on the channel.

Tom Misch is a genuine legend in the realm of gorgeous instrumental music. He is a composer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ and watching his colors performance was a treat. He covers Patrick Watson’s “Man Like You” alongside violinist Tobi Tripp. Misch and Tripp masterfully work their strings together creating a soft, intricate and beautiful song. Halfway through the song, Misch’s bluesy soloing meshes perfectly with Tripp’s hypnotic violin playing. This performance is quintessential and it’s the kind of work that makes you fall in love without hesitation.

I have so much gratitude for Colors from not only for its creative aspect but also for allowing me to discover new music and artist. Their message of joining artists and bands through colors and not genres is uplifting especially when we live in a society where we are constantly being defined and put into categories. It allows artists and bands to express themselves on a platform that focuses solely on their creativity and talent. I urge you all to go and explore the channel for yourself and give them a chance, and who knows you may discover your favorite new band or artist without even trying!

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