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Mum, if you’re reading this thank you for everything, even though we disagree now and then! I wrote this poem purely because as we get older, we realize that nobody can hold on to things, relationships and people the same way they did when they were younger. Independence for me hasn’t been sudden, rather I’ve grown to rely on myself over a number of years, as people do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still need help from time to time. Things can get difficult, and the lines are blurred when you still live with your parents but are finding your own way in the world. All I know is, whether I’m 16 or 600, I’ll still need my Mum, although things are bound to be different with the passing of time.

Every time you push me away,

Telling me I’m grown up when I don’t feel so big and

Stopping me from pulling myself back

towards home, towards you,

I watch and I don’t

want to ask for help when I need to.

I’m navigating through the world:

of work, of friends, of missed calls

And pretend. I know

I won’t settle for your rules all the time,

(you think I’m headstrong, I think I’m always right)

But when I need help, guidance

or just a little bit of advice

Please, look me

In the eye Mum

and compromise.


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