Now Reading: Cupcakke Leaves Twitter After Receiving Death Threats From BTS Stans


Cupcakke Leaves Twitter After Receiving Death Threats From BTS Stans

November 3, 20172 min read

Rapper Cupcakke has never been afraid to speak her mind and is proudly open about her sexuality. She truly has changed the music industry and has gained respect from fans and non-fans alike. Unfortunately, this changed Friday afternoon.

In typical Cupcakke fashion, she posted a series of sexually explicit tweets about BTS member Jungkook. While this initially made Jungkook fans uncomfortable, she kept at it— until she started receiving death threats.

“Jungkook fan base are on my Instagram telling me to kill myself making some of the sickest comments ever ,what a very disturbing fanbase,” she wrote.

She later quoted this tweet, stating, “Y’all ain’t got to worry bout me no more.”

Even scarier, she later tweeted, “Don’t give me no funeral , just let me Rest In Peace.”

Eventually, she made her avatar blank, and changed her display name to “gone for good.”

While we don’t know how long this Twitter break will last, this can be a lesson to us about watching what we say. Cupcakke may come off as strong and not letting anything get to her, but ultimately, she is human too, and words can hurt her.

Now, am I saying what she said about Jungkook was OK? Of course not. It’s just as bad as a man making sexual comments about a woman. However, that does NOT make it OK for his fans to bully, threaten and harass her off of Twitter. You are just as in the wrong as she is.

Not to mention, many BTS fans have said just as explicit things about the guys at one point or another too. There are countless smut fanfics online, having been both written and read. The reason Cupcakke is getting heat is because she is a celebrity.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Cupcakke’s music. However, I highly respect her as a person, and I hope she finds the strength to come back online and be herself again. We’re here for you, Elizabeth.

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