Fog Covered Roads

November 5, 20172 min read

I wrote this poem for all the people who are tired of finding themselves meeting tragic ends in relationships — not just romantic relationships, but friends and family too. In my opinion, when you have a relationship with someone that you really enjoy, there are only two outcomes: to stay in your life until death or leave before that happens. In life, we all take this chance on everyone we encounter, and some people are more dear to us than others. This poem is dedicated to those people. The people we get most attached to. The people whose leaving hurts us most. Although this poem is to those people, this poem is also for us. The people who don’t give up on humanity, who don’t mind taking the gamble every time. This poem is for the hopeless romantics who just can’t seem to learn their lesson. This poem is for us.

I drove the speed limit into the fog

that’s what this is like

calmly wandering into what i can’t see

you like to think

the road keeps on going on

but there’s always the possibility

that the road ends,

and you drive into an abyss

sounds silly,

I know.

as if driving into an abyss

is a common thing

but most of my fog covered roads

have an abyss at the end

most of my roads end

with me

sinking into an overwhelming darkness

that I have to claw my way out of

for some reason

no matter how many

fog covered roads I encounter

I still get in this car,

and I still drive

until I reach another abyss..

waiting for the day that I don’t.

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