Now Reading: CupcakKe’s New Album ‘Ephorize’ Is Everything Fans Wanted and More


CupcakKe’s New Album ‘Ephorize’ Is Everything Fans Wanted and More

January 5, 20183 min read

Early today, Chicago rapper and Internet sensation cupcakKe dropped her new album Ephorize, and fans everywhere rejoiced. CupcakKe is known for her super-vulgar, super-sexual lyrics like in her viral hits “Vagina” and “Deepthroat” which launched her into the limelight. Her last four albums, the most recent one, “Queen Elizabitch”, having come out just last year, provide the perfect balance of raunchiness, seriousness, and pure energy, and this album is no exception.

As far as production goes, we hear the same synth-heavy, trap-influenced beats that exist in cupcakKe’s previous work. These types of beats are essentially what made her famous, and what people first think of when they hear the name ‘Cupcakke’. However, this album has a few surprises on the production end. The song “Total” features cupcakKe rapping over an EDM influenced/Calvin Harris-esque beat. This track, unlike the vast majority of the album, is a little more mellow and G-Rated as far as lyrics go, which could lead one to predict that it may be in the running for some radio play in the future. The song “Fullest” will throw even the most devoted cupcakKe fan for a loop, as it boasts heavy Latin-dance influences and a high tempo, layered by a classic trap beat drop and snare drum.

In many ways, Ephorize is extremely similar to cupcakKe’s old music in content and structure, and she once again perfectly balances personal anecdotes, social awareness, and sex positivity. In “Crayons”, over a fast dance beat, she shows her support of the LGBT community with lines like “Transgenders are people, so imma treat ‘em equal/f–k a tuxedo”. She goes on to highlight the gay bar/club scene, the popularity of Grindr among the LGBT community, and denounces the mistreatment of LGBTQ members. She gets serious and self-reflective in her song “Self-Interview”, where she questions her sex life, whether or not she’s staying true to herself, and the image she portrays to the public. It’s arguably the most important song on the entire album, because we get to see a different side to the confident, self-assured, unreserved girl cupcakKe portrays herself as.

Overall, this album is one that will satisfy the most devoted “Slurpers” (cupcakKe’s fanbase name) and previous non-fans alike. The lyrics will shock you with their dirtiness yet empower and inspire, all at the same time. This is what sets cupcakKe apart, because while yes, she takes pride in her sexuality and shares her sex life throughout her music, she proves that she is multifaceted and can spit about any topic she chooses. But don’t just take my word for it — if you haven’t checked out cupcakKe and what she is about, I highly encourage you to find out for yourself.

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