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Dear Buzzfeed — Stop Stealing All Your Content from Black Twitter

July 9, 20172 min read

It’s 2017 and people still aren’t giving black people credit where credit is due. America loves to feed on black culture but doesn’t love to give black people their credit. Buzzfeed, a multimillion-dollar Internet media company known for their trendy and relevant content, is no exception. Everytime there’s a new trend, meme or joke from black Twitter, Buzzfeed, as the culture vultures they are, slap a witty title on the trend and call it theirs. Their writers congregate in the followers of black twitter and pretend as if they aren’t stealing content that has clearly come from our trends, memes and culture. They capitalize and profit off of things we create and have the nerve to claim it as their own. So far this year, these are the highlights:

Now you may think, what’s the big deal? So what if they copy and paste black twitter’s jokes? The problem here is not only is Buzzfeed stealing content that isn’t theirs, but they are profiting off said content. Buzzfeed has Peaches Monroe’d Black Twitter and we won’t stand for it. Black people are done being capitalized off of without any credit or stipend. Peaches Monroe was 16-years-old when she coined the term “eyebrows on fleek” and she didn’t see a cent of it. She revolutionized social media in her time with that term and no one gave her credit for it.

This year we’ve seen Kylie Jenner profit from a black woman’s creations, Peaches Monroe demand for her long-awaited credit and now we see Buzzfeed copying and pasting from Black Twitter. Black people have no more patience to watch our trends and culture be snatched and profited off of,  right before our eyes.This is a message to Buzzfeed, Kylie Jenner and any other culture vulture out there: it’s time to stop capitalizing off of black culture and start genuinely appreciating it.

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Nahbuma Gana

Nahbuma Gana is a 16 year old girl currently residing in Maryland,, USA. She goes to a county wide magnet school in her consortium and enjoys reading, writing and watching movie trailers. She can be contacted at [email protected]