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Dear Dancing With The Stars, Stop Making Your Show Into a Popularity Contest

April 25, 20173 min read

Last night, everybody was shocked with the elimination of Heather Morris in DWTS Season 24, when she’s literally got a perfect score from the judges. On Monday night’s boy bands vs. girl groups-themed episode, Heather Morris and his partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed a rumba dance with TLC’s song ‘Waterfall’. This performance really amazed the judges as they gave Heather and Maks a perfect 40, this the first 10 for them in the season and also the first perfect score given in the entire season. Note that this week is also Maks’ return after he got injured from week one during practice and got replaced with a member of the dance troupe, Alan Bernsten.

Also in last night’s episode, the girls and boys were performing group dances, while the girls were performing a really elegant in sync dance routine, and the boys performed a raunchy magic mike-ish dance routine which earned them praises from the judges, while the girls were heavily criticized and got themselves being put in jeopardy, just because 2 of the judges, Len Goodman and Carrie Ann Inaba thought that the girls’ dance routine wasn’t as ‘entertaining’ as the guys’. There’s a slight sexism about this, the judges loved the guys’ performance because the were doing a shirtless routine, and so they thought it’s way more ‘entertaining’ than the girls, while the guys was actually just fine compared to the girls. The judges really need to remember that DWTS is not about who’s the most sexier but who’s the best dancer.

Back to the shocking elimination, this is not the first time that a contestant got eliminated when they got a perfect score. On season 15, which called ‘Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars in which featured singer and actress, Sabrina Bryan who got eliminated in the 6th week after getting a perfect score. We can conclude now that, the judges’ scores don’t matter with the results, it’s all about the voting, which kinda bizarre since they are never showing the exact percentage of votes the contestant have gotten.

The voting system is really terrible and biased because it makes a show that uses this method becoming a popularity contest instead of a fair competition who’s judged by professionals, and I’m not just talking about DWTS but also any other reality competition shows that using the voting system to determine their winner. It’s such a shame to determine the winner based on ‘who’s the most popular’ in the audience instead of who’s actually deserved to be a winner because of their talents. Dancing with The Stars and any other reality competition shows really need to step up their game and remove the voting system to determine their winner, why would they even need the judges if in the end, it is all determined by who’s gotten the most popular fans vote anyway?

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