Pride Poems: Red

April 26, 20172 min read

This is the second poem in the series. It is showcasing what the color red represents in the pride flag. The series is to show what each color of the original pride flag represents.

You are brought into this world by force
You never chose to have this blood course
Have it flow through your veins from the source
Of your heart, your engine, your vital resource

The intake of breath is fundamental
Lack of breath will be detrimental
The flow in and out is quite essential
Perfected like a smooth instrumental

The music of the airflow through your lungs
Your chest expanding as oxygen comes
Filling your system since the time you were young
Your heart pounding like the beat of a drum

It comes in experiences neither black nor white
It is evident in laughter from the thrill of the night
Life comes like the rise of morning light
Slowly at first, then suddenly bright

It is the never ending cycle of creation
Having to withstand its entire duration
Though it can fill you with frustration
Soon enough will come its cancellation

It is to be appreciated and cherished
Take it in before you inevitably perish
Though at times it can seem nightmarish
You shouldn’t act careless

It is a beautiful thing to breathe
To feel the cool kiss of the breeze
To lay in the sun, just you and me
To be alive is to be free

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Cody Dulis

Cody is a LGBTQ+ writer and artist who spends their time writing, drawing, singing until the neighbors complain, and playing instruments. They live in Pennsylvania and they are 15 years old.