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Did Day N Vegas Live Up To The Hype?

November 5, 20194 min read

Photo Courtesy of Day N Vegas

When the line-up dropped for Day N Vegas back in June, people honestly could not believe it. It seemed too good to be true. It had acts such as J.cole, Da Baby, Kendrick Lamar to Travis Scott (who later backed out). Many questioned the authenticity of this festival.

I am here to say it wasn’t too good to be true. It was actually an amazing festival for it being the first year.

Many memorable moments were made this weekend.

On the first night, J.Cole teased his next album The Fall Off. Which he said would be released in 2020. During his performance, he had a faux political ad run during his set and at the end of the ad, it revealed the name of the album. Over the summer Cole released the Dreamville compilation album Revenge of the Dreamers III. Most of the Friday line-up included artists from Dreamville. A new J.cole album is something to get excited about, his previous release was in 2018, so fans have been eagerly anticipating his next release. This created a memorable moment for Day N Vegas.

That same night, Lil Uzi Vert debuted some new music. This was a very big deal with Uzi fans. His last album Luv Is Rage 2 dropped in 2017 and since then people have been anticipating a new album from Uzi. Literally begging for a new album from Uzi. At this point, people have given up on a new Uzi album release. Despite not having an album out in nearly two years, every now and then Uzi does release new singles, this year he released “Free Uzi”, “Sanguine Paradise” and “That’s A Rack”. It was a monumental moment for Day N Vegas festival attendees when Uzi gave them a surprise listen to his new song. An Uzi show is always a good show with a lot of energy, this one wasn’t different as he jumped into the crowd and creating pandemonium. 

Despite being a headliner for Day N Vegas, Travis Scott did back out last minute due to an injury he suffered at Rolling Loud NYC. Day N Vegas was able to quickly replace him with Metro Boomin and Future, the show did not disappoint and many were satisfied with this change.

Festival-goers had only positive things to say about the first year, “It’s amazing! I’ve had a solid five-year festival run and was ending it this year. But if this comes back in 2020 I’m in.” says Tiffani Marie, another festival goer chimes in, “I go to festivals all around the country and have worked on many major hip hop festivals. This is by far the festival OF THE YEAR!” says Victor Barrios.

With a packed line-up, there was no shortage of “WTF this is AMAZING!” moments at Day N Vegas. With this only being the first year, Day N Vegas proved itself as a top contender in the festival market, being a hip-hop  only festival creates a niche for them and sets them apart.  

Day N Vegas was not a scam.

The only real scam is that you probably missed out on it.

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