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Top 8 Moments You Missed at Day N Vegas

November 4, 20193 min read

Photo Courtesy of Day N Vegas

1. J.Cole is Back

J.Cole announced a new album set to release in 2020. It’s always a great day when Cole tells us he is releasing new music. On Friday Cole announced the release of his album The Fall Off releasing in 2020 via a faux political ad during his set. 

2. Uzi is still…well Uzi

Lil Uzi Vert debuted a new song. Literally people have been waiting since 2017 for Uzi to release a new album. During his set on Friday, he debuted a new song on the heels of his latest releases this year that include “Free Uzi”, “Sanguine Paradise” and “That’s A Rack”. The audience went crazy of course.

3.Travis out, Metro and Future in

Metro Boomin and Future replaced Travis Scott and it was AHHHMAZING. I am a huge Travis fan and was bummed out when he backed out, but when I heard who would be replacing him, I realized it was amazing as hell.

4. Summer is still over it

Summer Walker walked off the stage, came back and did two songs. This has been a constant pattern for Summer Walk who rejects the idea of fame. Many people were not happy with her performance. 

5. Sheck West isn’t sorry?

Sheck West addressed abuse allegations. Singer Justine Sky earlier this year revealed that she was abused by Sheck Wes. During his set at Day N Vegas, Sheck addressed these allegations. “I’m not gonna sit on no interview and talk about no lies, no gimmicks, apologize to nobody I make music. I talk through my music and the only people who resonate with an—a like me, an immigrant child from the projects, they f–k with my music,” Wes said.

6. 21 Savage has something to say

21 Savage addresses immigration arrest through a video montage during his set. The video included a snippet of his interview on Good Morning America after his arrest and the news coverage. 21 Savage has always been a dark artist, but this set and performance felt more personal

7. Kung Fu Kenny didn’t disappoint

Kendrick Lamar duh! His shows never disappoint. On Sunday he was one of the final acts for the festival with an amazing set, still no Kendrick album though. Hopefully, that comes soon. 

8. Carti has asthma but is the ultimate rager!

Playboi Carti’s set was…scary but in the most positive way. Mosh pits, drops of water in the air, screams? Yes, that was the Carti show and many people left changed like literally became new people after that set. Despite having asthma, Carti was able to give an energy-filled show that was non-stop entertaining.



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