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‘East Los High’: A Socially Aware Hulu Original

December 9, 20172 min read

East Los High is a Hulu Original that I started watching about three years ago. Every summer, I anticipated a new season. The fictional show is based in East Los Angles, and it is described as, “A teen drama original to Hulu, follows a group of Latino teens navigating the trials and tribulations of life in East Los Angeles. Characters are faced with real-life issues, including peer pressure, life as a single parent, violence, dark secrets, and decisions involving sex, drugs, pregnancy and infidelity.”


Throughout the seasons, the show has addressed abusive relationships, LGTBQ issues, racism, drugs, sex education, immigration, bullying, teen pregnancy — almost every social issue under the sun, while keeping it entertaining.

From the cheating! The scandals! The love plots! The Bomb Squad dance competitions! I promise you will be on the edge of your seat while watching. With each season, it only gets better and better. The show has guest starred several known talents, such as Prince Royce and dancer Chachi Gonzales as temporary characters, and artists Pia Mia and Christine Milan have also made appearances.

This show has representation — every main character is Latinx, and that’s important.

All of the creators and writers are also Latinx. Most of the issues that the characters encounter are actually happening to a huge portion of American youth, which is what makes it realistic. I truly became attached to these characters, and you will too.

Sadly, Hulu is canceling the show after four seasons, and the one hour finale premiers on Dec. 1, 2017. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t binge! It’s still worth the watch.

The East Los High website has a “Take Action” tab, and there you’ll find categories regarding STDs, activism/advocacy, mental health, LGBTQ, dating violence, affordable care act and more. Each category will provide you with links to organizations and information in order to take action. From directing you to help if in need or linking you with DACA and #RiseUpAsOne information, everything you need to know is there.

If you want to give your attention to a show with a purpose, East Los High is it.

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