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EXO’s Baekhyun Delights Fans With New Mini Album

May 26, 20207 min read

If you couldn’t tell by my pun that I think so greatly of, the album is titled, ‘Delight.’


After almost one year of his solo debut EP, City Lights, which sold over half-a-million copies in 2019, EXO’s Baekhyun has returned to the music scene to delight fans with a new mini-album. The mini-album titled, Delight, features seven tracks of the R&B genre that Baekhyun performs effortlessly.

As of May 24, Delight surpassed 732,297 stock preorders, setting a new personal record for the singer and the achievements don’t stop there. The album has reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top Albums charts in 68 different regions. Baekhyun’s Delight also reached No. 1 in sales on the popular Chinese music site QQ Music, selling over 100,000 copies. Let’s not forget that it is the first Korean album of the year to be certified double platinum on the site. It’s safe to say that fans are loving the new music from Baekhyun.

With the release of his mini-album, Baekhyun tweeted, “I’m happy,” and I’m sure his fans that anticipated the album are as well.

The lead single, “Candy,” has a contemporary R&B vibe, which is always appreciated. Baekhyun has a voice that is not only sweet and mellifluous but raspy and attractive, he’s able to sing low and high notes and still effectively convey the meaning of the songs. The synth instrumentation is very catchy, almost addicting like candy. The choreography is a key element of the music video, it matches the music video perfectly and I’m sure fans would love to see an official dance practice video of some sort from the singer. It’s a strong start to the album and whether a fan of the singer or not, you’re able to enjoy the track as it’s just that good.

With a trendy and catchy song, it’s only right for a TikTok dance challenge! Fans of Baekhyun, idol friends and Baekhyun himself are posting their #CandyChallenge across TikTok and other social media platforms. Here’s a video of NCT, WayV and SuperM members, Lucas and Ten doing the #CandyChallenge.

Although one of the shorter tracks, it’s surprisingly one of my favourite tracks from the album. Still following the R&B genre of the mini-album, the trap-based instrumentation adds depth to the song, making it a mixture of R&B and slight Hip-Hop, which I’m always a fan of. The track captures the urban side of Baekhyun and shows his versatility as an artist even after almost ten years in the industry. Despite the suggestive title and lyrics, with the chill beats, melodies, and love-whispering lyrics like, “in this world, we’ve run through for such a long time, just the two of us, that simple and yet strange happening, a show just for us. lead me, let me see your sign,” “R u Ridin” is definitely the song to listen to when you’re driving.

Fans were excited to see that Baekhyun, who has worked with singer-songwriter, Colde in the past on his first EP, would be working together again. Colde produced and wrote the lyrics for the last track of the album, “Love Again.” Colde shares in an Instagram post that it was an “enjoyable production process” as Baekhyun sang “Love Again,” a track he treasured a lot “so handsomely.” With the strumming of an acoustic guitar at the start of the song, Baekhyun’s appealing voice is able to capture the ears of listeners while singing the lyrical contemporary R&B track about longing for love again to the lover standing between the end of love and the beginning of parting.

The press-release describes each track and to emphasize once again, whether a fan or not, there’s a track you’ll like on the album. The mini-album also features the tracks “Bungee,” a medium-tempo R&B song with a piano melody is a metaphor for the process of falling in love and swimming in the sea. The track, “Underwater,” a dreamy medium tempo R&B song that sings of a heart submerged in the sea of sadness after losing his loved one. “Poppin,” which seems to be a fan-favorite, is an urban R&B hip hop song with lyrics drawing attention by honestly expressing the feelings of happiness that burst out of control the moment they feel love.” Ghost” is an alternative R&B song that world producer OMEGA participated in, comparing the remaining lover to a ghost to endure the time of separation.

Fans of Baekhyun are delighted with the album and professing their love for the comeback online.

Be sure to listen to Baekhyun’s Delight, watch the music video for “Candy,” and let us know your favourite track from the album!

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Press Release used for some track descriptions

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