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Review: Labrinth, Sia, & Diplo Present “LSD.” A Track by Track Analysis

May 7, 20199 min read

Pop culture has redeemed itself by their saviors Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo on their conjoint album, LSD. After releasing their singles, “Genius,” “Audio,” “Thunderclouds,” and  “Mountains” back in 2018 and their latest single “No New Friends” in March, LSD was officially released on April 12, 2019 after being postponed. After all, it was worth the wait.

“LSD” are the initials of the super group: Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo. Ironically, LSD is also an acidic drug that causes hallucinations, mood changes, and so-called positive/negative “trips” that are highly experienced throughout the mind. In addition, the drug affects thoughts and feelings. The cover album may reflect the trips of LSD as it’s vividly animated. Both the drug and album are a psychedelic project.

“Welcome to the Wonderful World of” – 7.5/10.0

The story unfolds as Labrinth sways his vocals back and forth until Sia joins him. Ecstasy is mentioned in the first verse to indicate the audience will take a trip with LSD. The electric guitar vividly holds the power of the song as the bassline drops. The song foreshadows the album as Sia’s vocals from “Thunderclouds” are in the background. Robotic voices summon the people of earth to the wonderful world of Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo in the outro.

“Angels in Your Eyes” – 7.0/10.0

After entering the world of LSD, Labrinth takes over the first verse with letting his lover know he is the one. Sia lightly shadows the chorus with a playful “ba-ba-ba-ba-bam.” The transformation to Sia repeats lyrically with her own take by comparing her relationship to visuals and objects. Diplo emerges with Labrinth and Sia’s post-chorus vocals.

“Genius” – 8.5 / 10.0

Sia easily introduces Labrinth as this is LSD’s debut to the world. Labrinth is crazy in love with a woman as everything he does and thinks equals to her. Sia makes him realize only a genius could love her. Diplo introduces Sia as she compares her love to well-known geniuses: Einstein, Newton, Galileo, and Hawking. An intense violin continuously collabs with Sia and Labrinth until Labrinth drops multiple “G”s on the chorus.

“Audio” – 8.5 / 10.0

It’s no brainer, Sia can deliver countless hits on the radio and charts. Just like her partners, Diplo and Labrinth. “Audio” reflects the making of music as inspiration comes from a beat or experience then flows with a melody. The song takes a break from the wild ride from past tracks. The main focus is Sia and Labrinth soothing the song through the lyrics as the beat drops. The lyric “We can’t live on without the rhythm (sing it louder)” emphasizes how people around the world cannot live without music as it is part of various cultures.

“Thunderclouds” – 9.0/10.0

The trio’s third single remarkably made noise in the radios as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 commercial where I heard the supergroup for the first time. Though, I knew Sia’s one-of-a-kind voice then transitioned to Labrinth’s whereas it’s been a voice I haven’t heard in a while since Labrinth’s hit “Beneath Your Beautiful“. Nevertheless, “Thunderclouds” gives a sexy vibe when Sia begins then tranquilizes to a single guitar chord easing the chorus with shaky tambourine and upbeat piano. As for the lyrics, the last relationship always affects the new relationship as it leads on a trait of trust. The notable lyric is “you turn nouns into verbs” as it indicates turn your thoughts and questions into actions.

“Mountains” – 6.5/10.0

The things people do for love, moving mountains or dying for one another, love will come on top.  Sia and Labrinth repeatedly remind the listeners what love can do for their significant other. The beginning of the song feels like a break from countless “beat drops” as Sia and Labrinth declare love, but once again the beat drops viciously. It’s not expected, but it’s irritating. The first and second verse of the song are the highlights of the entire song as it has minor biblical references.

“No New Friends” – 8.5/10.0

LSD’s latest and last single is a summer anthem. “No New Friends” conquers tropical island beats the entire song. Sia and Labrinth praise the living of happiness and celebration by the comparison of a deck of cards: kings, queens, and the aces. Sia lets out multiple “la la la”s to indicate the careless moments of life.  Life is complete as they don’t need new friends to rain on their parade.

“Heaven Can Wait” – 8.5/10.0

A scorching screech at the beginning of the song emphasizes death is coming near as Sia gets the bad news. Her beaming life has hit a low just when the time is running out. Labrinth screams for his life as he has to live, love, and breathe. Sia vocals captives every line until they both agree heaven can wait.

“It’s Time” – 9.5/10.0

After bubbly pop adventures filled with mishaps and tender passion, it’s time for a heartbreak. The ballad starts to sway across the piano with Sia’s vocals on the emptiness emotion of an aching heart. Sia and Labrinth use figurative language to signify the aftermath: “Your blood washes over me like cheap red wine. Your words are like bullets, leave me to die.” Ironically, Labrinth uses the same silhouette with his own taste of alcohol: “Your love washes over me like gin and lime. Your words are so cold, leave me with frostbite.” If the relationship has no light to follow then it’s time. Breaking up in relationships is difficult, but people need to remember they can pick themselves up for the better good. I wish the album ended with “It’s Time” for the album to close up the arc of the storyline. Yet, we have a remix left.

“Genius (Remix)” ft. Lil Wayne – 5.0/10.0

A remarkable song, “Genius” was given a remix with Lil Wayne. This song was extremely necessary to the album, but Lil Wayne gave in his own take with autotune on the alphabet, “A-B-C-D-R-U-G-H-I-J-K-L-S-D.” Funnily enough, Lil Wayne involves “drug” and “LSD” in his alphabet. He throws in a few autotune “yeah”s in the background that bounces off of Labrinth’s voice. I feel like LSD really needed to hit the 10 song remark.

(L-R) Sia, Labrinth, & Diplo

The underrated supertrio revolutionized pop music into an addictive rhythmic album. The album undertakes the arc of relationships into a more alternative route since they experience both sides of a relationship with Diplo as the third wheel. Once again, ironically corresponding to the drug “LSD”, LSD takes the hesitation and adrenaline moments of a rollercoaster into the drug and relationship. Their robotic bee-bop beats challenge pop music. In fact, it’s a drastic pop music that distinguish itself from other types of music. Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo are an odd trio, but they demonstrate how versatile they are as artists.

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