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Fake News! Henry Cavill Will Still Be Superman

September 13, 20183 min read

Look up to the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane. No, it’s Henry Cavill!

Yesterday, rumors of Henry Cavill hanging up his cape flooded the internet. Cavill has played the legendary Man of Tomorrow in three DC movies so rumors that the actor exited the role came as a shock to fans. Yet, these rumors are not exactly true. Rather, it seems that they are exaggerated.

Reports cited different reasons for Cavill allegedly no longer playing the alien. One claims that Cavill could not make a cameo for the upcoming Shazam movie due to his Mission: Impossible- Fallout commitments and payment disagreements (Cavill felt underpaid.) Cavill also just signed on to star in the Netflix series The Witcher, furthering suspicions that he left the DC Universe. 

Another says that scheduling conflicts were not the issue; Warner Brothers simply wants to take a new direction. With a Supergirl origins movie in the works, Henry Cavill would no longer be necessary as his character would be a baby. 

There were also rumors of Warner Bros. eyeing a new Superman: Michael B. Jordan. Jordan is a superhero veteran at this point, being a part of both the Fantastic Four and staring in Black Panther. If Jordan was to take the role, however, his movie would not come out for years. 

I would like to say that everything above is, to some degree, true. But to say Cavill has completely left the DC universe is a lie. There are no plans to replace Cavill because there are no current plans for any Superman film. Cavill has made no dramatic exit from the DC Universe. According to TMZ, the “conflict” was created to attract media attention. 

If there was to be a new Superman movie, Cavill, along with Jordan and other stars, would be considered for the role. But, keep in mind, since there is no movie even planned yet, a new Superman movie would take years to come out. If the director would like to reuse Cavill again, he or she will will. But, like with many other legendary character (Bond, Batman, etc.), if the director feels like a new actor should play the Man of Steel, then someone else will watch over Metropolis.

Whether Cavill will play Superman again is unknown. But, as of right now, Cavill still has the red cape in his closet.

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