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Top 10 Saint Motel Songs To Check Out

September 13, 20186 min read

Top 10 Saint Motel Songs

LA-based band, Saint Motel has made a name for itself with their innovative pop music. Lead singer A/J Jackson continues to push the limits sonically but also visually with the band releasing 360° virtualizers for each of their songs from their latest album Saintmotelevision. Slowly gaining recognition here is your introduction to Saint Motel.

10. Honest Feedback

In an interview with Autre A/J Jackson says “At first I was thinking, oh man, no one wants to hear honest feedback and then I thought, wait, that’s exactly why it’s a good song topic!” Playfully written and heavily layered with warm guitar and backup vocals allow for the satirical lyrics of Honest Feedback to take their punch.

Favorite Lyric 

All the illegal ways to take someone’s life
There’s one just as sharp and it’s sharp as a knife
And it’s called honest feedback

9. Something Between Us

Originally a Daft Punk song, Saint Motel gives a refreshing California wave to the French electronic song. Filled with layers of brass and string no wonder this song stands so strongly by itself.

Favorite Lyric 

I might not be the right one
But there’s something about us I want to say

8. My Type

Saint Motel’s most successful song and for a reason. Featured in the 2015 adaptation of Paper Towns, this song introduced Saint Motel to the mainstream world with its infectious retro sound. Accompanied by a 70s themed music video a world is created with the song.

Favorite Lyric 

You’re just my type
Oh, you got a pulse and you are breathing

7. For Elise

Featuring an interlude of its more famous counterpart Saint Motel manages to make Fur Elise a rock song. Playing off the idea of Beethoven’s “immortal beloved” a list of muses to the greatest is thrown out over a playful beat.

Favorite Lyric 

The muses of the Greeks and Romans
Steal the immortal beloved of Beethoven

6. Sweet Talk

Through the words of a hopeless romantic, Sweet Talk captures what it’s like to be the only one in love. Produced with help of Lars Stalfors who formerly worked with Foster the People and the Neighborhood, a classic of the genre is created.

Favorite Lyric

When I’m alone
I stare at stars and hope dreams come true

5. Ace in the Hole

Influenced by a trip to Las Vegas messages of greed and lust shine through the lyrics as the deeper sound takes over.

Favorite Lyric 

Lucky sevens come up eights
Rabbit’s feet won’t help your fate

4.Puzzle Pieces

Peak indie pop mixed with ingenious lyrics about plastic surgery prove this song to be “a masterpiece in the flesh.”

Favorite Lyric

Your face is canvas
And your own body serves, as your easel

3. Balsa Wood Bones

A stray from the usual love songs Saint Motel takes a darker sound with Balsa Wood Bones. Following the revenge on a former bully, the cathartic lyrics give the band a new dimension.

Favorite Lyric 

I will never forget, the look of shock on your face
I pulled the trigger and your life was erased
What did that teach you?

2. Cold Cold Man

Lead singer A/J takes over this song with his piano skills providing a glam pop masterpiece. Going over a relationship with no affection A/J lets them know that there is no one he would rather be with.

Favorite Lyric

The only bed worth sleeping’s
The one right next to you

1. Daydream/Wetdream/Nightmare

The most cinematic of the Saint Motel songs breaks apart into three segments following the ups and downs of a relationship. The band’s film school origins show perfectly when paired with its music video Daydream/Wetdream/Nightmare explores a universe outside of the song.

Favorite Lyric

Find the time to be the man that you like to talk to
In dreams, it seems that I can be anyone you want me to

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