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Fall In Love With These Books This Fall

September 26, 20207 min read

This article was written by Zoe Homan.

The changing of seasons brings a newfound comfort in cozy sweaters, hot apple cider, and brisk mornings. What better way to enjoy autumn than curled up in blankets, sipping cinnamon spice tea with the perfect book? The books you will find on this list include, mysteries, dark fantasy, thrillers, and historical fiction: perfect to put you in the fall mood!


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Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

A New York Times bestseller, Through the Woods, is a graphic novel featuring five haunting short stories all united in their connection to the woods. These stories are reminiscent of the Grimm brother’s twisted fairytales and their chilling plots make it a pageturner. Caroll’s eerie but beautiful artwork is a reason of its own to read Through the Woods; her distinct art style perfectly matches the spooky tales. 

Through the Woods is great for a reader who enjoys a good thriller and all things eerie; the graphic novel format also allows for quick reading. 




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Dead Poets Society by N.H. Kleinbaum

Although Dead Poets Society is widely recognized as the 1989 film featuring the late Robin Williams, its screenplay was later adapted into a book. Set during 1959, the story follows a group of seven friends at Welton Academy, a New England boarding school for boys. While battling with crushing expectations from their teachers and parents, the boys find solace in poetry after being influenced by their eccentric English teacher, Mr. Keatings. They form a secret group, the dead poets society: a place where they are free from the conformity of Welton, and where their hopes and dreams flourish. This coming-of-age story not only illustrates the beauty of the literary arts but emphasizes the importance of seizing the day and living a life that makes you most happy.   

Dead Poets Society is a perfect choice for a reader who loved watching Dead Poets Society since it captures the distinct personality of the characters while including extra content. Additionally, the book is a shorter read (about 150 pages) and has a dramatic plot that will pull at your heartstrings.

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Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock

The Award-winning novel, Mythago Wood, reimagines British folklore in a historical-fiction setting. Growing up Stephen Huxley and his brother Christian had a strained relationship with their father: his obsession with uncovering the ancient neighboring forest’s, Ryhope Woods, secrets drives his family apart. After leaving his family home in the English countryside to be conscripted in World War Two, Stephen returns in the wake of his father’s death. Upon arriving home, Stephen encounters his brother’s new strange behavior, and when questioned about it, Christian reveals the true nature of their father’s research. The brothers discover that the forest brings charactersto life from myths old and new, real and fiction. Mythago Wood follows the brother’s encounters with the mythagos and investigation into Ryhope. This dark fantasy novel draws on theories about the human subconscious, and ancient myth to weave a one of a kind story. 

Mythago Wood is the first novel in a three-part series, perfect for those who enjoy fulfilling reads. The novel blends historical fiction with dark fantasy so lovers of both genres can rejoice with Mythago Wood

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The Secret History by Donna Tartt

The Secret History is revered for its beautiful prose, and tragic story. The novel’s prolouge opens with the death of Edmund “Bunny” Corcoran at the hands of his friends: Henry, Francis, twins Camila and Charles, and narrator Richard Papen. The story starts from the begining of the events leading up to Bunny’s imminent death. The Secret History is told by Richard Papen, a college student originally from rural California desperate to leave his mundane life in favor for Vermont elitist college, Hampden. He encounters the clique after convincing classics professor, Julian Morrow, to let him in his secretive class of only five hand-picked students. The novel explores why a seemingly close-knit group of friends would have the capacity to kill one of their own. Full of secrets and deception, The Secret History will have you re-reading Tartt’s dramatic plot twists and engrossed in the backstory of the six. 

The Secret History is 544 pages long, and rich with a complex plot-line. This novel would appeal to readers who appreciate the satisfaction of unraveling a multilayered mystery.

Zoe is a 17-year-old writer based out of the Chicago suburbs. She loves walks in nature, naps with her dog Milo, and enjoying a good historical fiction novel. She can be found upcycling thrifted garments, creating art, and editing articles for her high school’s newspaper.

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