Now Reading: Family Bonding, Break-Up Coaching & More On “The Good Place” Season 3 Episode 5


Family Bonding, Break-Up Coaching & More On “The Good Place” Season 3 Episode 5

October 29, 20186 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers for Season 3  Episode 5 of “The Good Place.”

It’s time to do right by society for once in your short lifespan! This episode follows the gang as they split up to save their loved one’s soul. Eleanor and Janet help Chidi break up with Simone (what?! no!!!); Tahani and Michael follow Jason to Florida as they try to help steer his father, Donkey Doug, back on the right path.

We finally get to have some Jason-development! After the last four episodes have been relatively plot-focused, we’re zeroing in on two characters this time: Chidi and Jason.

We get to see just how much Jason’s grown within the last few episodes. Remember, it’s episodes, not seasons. I’m assuming some important character development points get knocked off after each reboot. Although he still seems like he’s in the group for the kicks and has no idea what’s going on most of the time, Jason actually has a lot to give.

His father, Donkey Doug, is most definitely going to the bad place, but Jason believes he can still save him. I love how Jason’s maturity has really grown. In the first episode, he was totally chill with a life of crime. But now, he wants to give his loved-ones a chance to get into the Good Place (even if that chance is slim to non-existent).

I think the big thing Jason learns is that you can’t save everyone. As much as he wanted to steer his father on the right track, Donkey Doug was long gone. He decides to help his best friend, Pillboi, instead. I like how this half of the episode focused on Jason. I feel like there haven’t been very many Jason-centric episodes and watching him bumble through his problems and come out on top really felt like a breath of fresh air.

Back in Australia, Chidi gets fired from his job and decides to end things with Simone. Since he already knows about the afterlife, he doesn’t want to slip up in front of Simone and ruin her chances of getting into the Good Place. Although I’m horribly sad to see Kirby Howell-Baptiste leave the show, hopefully (cross your fingers!) she makes a guest appearance in later episodes. Chidi debates on whether to break up with Simone using a Virtual Reality Simulator that Janet built. He tries to find the best way to break up, keeping meticulous notes about which trials worked and which didn’t. One of my favorite parts was when he messes a trail up, and Eleanor’s voice comes through Simone’s mouth (since she and Janet are watching on the adjoining computer). I love how Kirby Howell-Baptiste absolutely nails Eleanor’s voice right down to the accent and mannerisms. What an iconic moment.

Speaking of Eleanor, she decides to have a try at the break-up simulator. When she goes to break-up with Simone on Chidi’s behalf, she finds herself drawn closer and closer to Simone. Close enough to kiss… and then Chidi stops the simulation. Surprise (not really, because, let’s be honest, we all knew this was coming)! Eleanor’s canonically bisexual! There has been LGBT+ representation on the show in past seasons, I believe, but this is the first time a major character came out as bi. I’m super excited to see how the show will portray her sexuality in future episodes. Maybe, it’s time to give Eleanor a girlfriend (please let it be Tahani, please let it be Tahani)?

You know she’s the one when she backs you up as you murder your arch-nemesis (photo credit to NBC/Universal).

The major point of development for this half of the episode was Chidi’s ability to make a decision. He breaks up with Simone because he cares about her and he communicates the decision easily. There’s no more crippling indecision.

I think a major theme for this episode was learning to let your loved ones go. This will directly contrast the next episode, which will be about Tahani and Eleanor confronting the people they hate the most: Kamilah, Tahani’s annoyingly famous sister, and Eleanor’s mother.

I’m 99% sure the next episode will be about the two reconciling with these people and moving on from their hatred. Or, there’s 1% chance they’ll straight up murder their nemeses. Personally, I’m fine with either outcome but I think episode six will show a lot of development for Eleanor and Tahani.

Speaking of which, tune in for the next episode, “A Fractured Inheritance,” on Nov. 1 at 8/7c on NBC.

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