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Everyday Angel: “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 15 Episode 5

October 29, 20186 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from ABC’s Medical Drama, Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 15 Episode 3.

Grey’s didn’t air last week, but the week before we saw the perfect mix of romance, drama, comedy and sadness. Let’s see if this week was the same.

This week’s episode starts with us finding out that Jo and Dr Lincoln go way back to undergraduate school together. Alex doesn’t seem to be too happy about this. Also, Jackson finally makes an appearance and returns to the hospital! Maggie is very upset and doesn’t seem to want to talk to him. We also see some sparks flying between Dr Kim and Schmidt. I hope that they further this plotline in the show and that we get to see more of Dr Kim, who is Grey’s Anatomy’s first gay male surgeon.

Six minutes in and we also see our first patient, a young boy whose backbones are sticking out of his back. Jackson met the young boy when he was on his trip and came back to the hospital just to do his surgery. After he performs the surgery, Jackson says that he is leaving again. I think this will further harm his relationship with Maggie. This whole plotline is still a bit confusing and seems very unlike Jackson’s usual character. Jackson has always been a levelheaded character and how he left so abruptly without talking to Maggie really isn’t like him.

Outside of the hospital, Meredith is trying to help Teddy figure out with what she wants to do about her pregnancy. Teddy wants to leave and have the baby in Germany and not tell Owen about the baby. It’s probably not the best idea. She is not comfortable with Owen’s relationship with Amelia. This whole plot line is a bit confusing and it’s a bit strange to see that Meredith is the one getting in the middle of this. This does show though, that Meredith’s character has grown a lot and it shows the caring mother that she has become.

Back at the hospital, Jackson has found out that the young boy he was performing surgery on has cancer making the surgery a lot more complicated. But, this is Grey’s Anatomy so of course, Jackson thought of a new way to get rid of cancer and to save the boy’s range of motion. This season has been missing these amazing surgeries so far and I’m glad we finally got to see that. The surgery scene looked very realistic and it was really well done. Dr Bailey and Jo also have a breakthrough moment when they find out what was wrong with a patient that no other doctor has been able to find. I love these moments in Grey’s when the doctors accomplish what seems impossible.

Okay, now onto the romance. Maggie is now the one seeking help from the patient who is a matchmaker. She’s trying to figure out her problems with Jackson and if they can be fixed. Owen and Amelia’s relationship seems stronger than ever. Taking care of the children has really seemed to get them closer to each other. This is great for them but not so great for Teddy. Finally, after hours at the bar, Schmidt shows up and is expecting a date with Dr Kim who wasn’t exactly on the same page. Poor Schmidt. After saving the boy, Jackson has decided to stay and apologized to Maggie for leaving abruptly. I’m so glad he is staying and that his and Maggie’s relationship seems to be on the right track.

I thought this was a good filler episode and while not having a lot of drama, it was still interesting. This episode really focused on taking care of others. We saw that through Jackson helping the boy he met on his trip, Meredith helping Teddy, and Amelia and Owen growing as parents to the children they are fostering. I thought that the characters coming together to help each other was nice to see.  We also tied up a few loose ends with Jackson and Teddy and they seem to be here to stay. The episode ended with a soothing song, which I thought added to the final scenes. The only thing I missed is that we still haven’t seen much of Dr Kim. We saw a little bit more of Dr Lincoln but not enough in my opinion. I’m already ready to see the drama that will ensue in next week’s episode!

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