Fashion Fads of 2017

December 12, 20174 min read

December is here, Christmas is in the air and the final weeks of 2017 are upon us. As we reach the close of yet another trip around the sun, let us take the time to reflect over the last 12 months of our lives and remember what we accomplished in 2017. Alright lets be real, the ’90s overall were a decade of fashion brilliance, thus the reason we keep bringing back the old trends: space buns, high waited shorts, jelly shoes and plaid and so much more. But this year, three new fashion fads emerged and hopefully came to stay. Here is a list of my three personal favorites from the past 365 days.

Coming in hot at number three is….


These shirts have made a large and loud comeback into society norms. Pretty much every party you go to, you will see a girl rocking one of these. In most of these shirts (not all), the fabric is made to cling to your body so that the shirt gives a form-fitted look. The sheer gives off a sexy vibe, so beware, this is probably not something you want to show up to Christmas dinner wearing. I personally would recommend a V-cut bralette to pair with this piece, because it adds to the edgy look and gives it a final touch.

Coming in a close second place is…


Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

<a href=“https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/uo-smocked-velvet-tube-top?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=054”Courtesy of Urban Outfitters HERE

Scrunch material has long been overlooked, as the trend died back in the ’90s and then made a return in the early 2000s. However, I am happy to announce that it is officially trending again! Scrunch material is usually found in shirts or dresses around the torso-chest portion of your body. It is made to hug you, but not necessarily to be a form-fitted look; it won’t leave you with as much body definition as a regular form-fitting shirt would. It is very popular to see these in the form or tube tops or crop tops, so if you’re interested in purchasing a shirt like this, be prepared for showing off some tummy. Overall, I would give this comeback a 10/10, and I hope it is here to stay.

And for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Coming in at trend No. 1 of the year 2017 is…


You’re kidding yourself if you aren’t absolutely obsessed with this stuff. I don’t think I would consider this a trend of the ’90s but more a style of the now. I think it fits in very well with other ’90s trends, but it wasn’t a popular craze like it presently is. You can pretty much find a iridescent mimic in almost anything: lipstick, shirts, skirts, shoes, glitter, bags, makeup and just about anything else you could want to sport. Although my obsession runs deep, I’m afraid this trend will eventually fizzle out, so get it while it’s still hot!

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