December 12, 20172 min read

This poem commemorates those that perished in the Armenian Genocide because not many are even aware of this event that took place in history. After countless nights of writing research papers on this subject, I wanted to communicate this topic in a different medium—one of my first poems:


One hundred and two years of grief,

Only another one instance where hate has won and submerged to the tops of the

Euphrates like the

bodies of those slain,

One hundred and two years of injustice,

Zero sanctions taken in response to this gash in our world’s timeline

One hundred and two years of division

Leading to two communities separated on boundaries of religion and politics

One hundred and two years of 1.5 million lives gone

Unnoticed, unidentified, and unnoted,

Because injustice doesn’t halt

At the borders of action

Consequently extending in spite of our inaction.

Bloodied, tortured and left out in the deserts to dry

Victims of the Armenian Genocide have yet to be compensated

For crimes against all of humanity.

Without a state to call home

Roaming in between territories of torture, insulated by imperialism,

Resolution is far from reach.

102 years of too much waiting and not enough weighing

The consequences of lack of reflecting on history

And where it may take us next.

A boiling entanglement of tension and hatred

Waiting to burst

Blasting any peaceful negotiations out of the picture.

Foreign and diplomatic relationships

Threatened to be severed by Turkey

If any one nation points out their

Barbarous, brute and cold-blooded murders.

Nations must stand together

Against such propelled propaganda.

Understanding the implications human rights abuses

Have on our past, present, and preceding societies

Is the only way Progress will be made.

When a history textbook is taken off a shelf,

Shouldn’t there be some sort of script

Saying what I’m telling you right now?

The solution to solving this problem,

Is identifying that this is a problem.

Because if injustice is allowed to continue

Our voices become distant

And diluted.

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Elina Arbo

Student Activist Coordinator for Amnesty International and local arts enthusiast