Finding New Music

June 10, 20172 min read

We’ve all been there. No matter how many playlists we curate, no matter how often we refresh our YouTube recommendations page, it seems like we circle around the same few artists and songs. With summer  arriving, some of us might want to update what plays through our speakers. Here’s a quick guide with some helpful links.

1. Streaming Websites

Old favorites like Pandora and Spotify are go-to spots for fresh finds. Pandora categorizes songs by genre and artist, possibly popping a new song or band into your preferred Radio Station. Spotify offers free access to Discover Weekly, which handcrafts a playlist based on songs you’ve previously added.

2. Compatibility Calculators

No, this is not seeing which artist best fits into your life. Actually, it is (just not in the field of romance). Websites like Music Map and Music Roamer create music webs linking artists with similar fan bases or musical patterns. If the sheer number of choices available is overwhelming, Gnoosic narrows everything down to a single suggestion at a time.

3. Online Publications (hm…)

In addition to Affinity’s reviews, many other publications provide different pathways to new music. NPR often features up and coming artists on Tiny Desk Concerts, a series that can garner millions of views on YouTube. Monocle Magazine’s radio station and independent blogs like Aquarium Drunkard also feature reviews and interviews with a wide range of music makers.

4. Look Local

From coffee shop performances to open mic nights, artists near you are always trying to find new audiences. And if you’re here looking for a fresh sound, they might just be your perfect fit.

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