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Fool’s Gold

I wrote this angry, both at a supposed friend and at myself. I was recently in a manipulative relationship – completely blindsided by how fortunate I was to have a friend who didn’t care that I was a hot mess. They would continue to put me down, and I would resort to reassuring myself that they were right. I needed the help of my real friends to help me realize this person was no good.

i saw colorful, dripping fruit

too pretty for touching

too nice for taking

but oh so selfishly, i wanted a taste

who knew such pretty fruit could bite back


hair choppy and golden

eyes so warm

so worth it

but oh so stupidly, i wanted to touch

there’s a reason you can’t touch works of art, isn’t there?


who knew trying so hard could be so fun

who knew there was a hidden thrill

in walking on eggshells,

fearing a crack

in playing with fire,

dodging a burn


a beautiful creature like that makes it worthwhile

i’m a lucky girl, a toad in the hand of a fairytale prince

– would you believe he chose me? –

yes, i’m a lucky, lucky girl

so blessed he took pity on me


and there’s no reason to leave

why would i?

it’s so very warm and quiet and tidy

just right



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