Now Reading: Get To Know The Two Iconic Artists Performing at the Closing Ceremony for the 2018 Olympics


Get To Know The Two Iconic Artists Performing at the Closing Ceremony for the 2018 Olympics

February 24, 20183 min read

On Feb. 25, South Korea’s biggest boy group EXO and charismatic queen CL, will be performing in front of millions of people at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

With all the hype surrounding the upcoming performances, here are some things to help you get to know these two artists.

Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul under Korea’s number one idol agency, S.M. Entertainment. They debuted in 2012 with originally 12 members, but as of now consist of 9 members which are: Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, Lay, Xiumin, Sehun, D.O. and Chen. They release music in Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese.

From left to right: Chanyeol, Sehun, D.O, Lay, Kai, Suho, Chen, Xiumin and Baekhyun

EXO have recently become the first Korean artist to have their song “Power” played at the Dubai Water Fountain. They have won 24 daesangs, also known as the most significant award in the Korean entertainment industry, and were included in the 2018 Guinness World Records book for winning the “most daesangs” from Mnet Asian Music Awards. Exo officially became quadruple million sellers in 2017 with their album “The War” which sold 1,012,021 copies in 24 days. Before 2017, their albums “XOXO”, “Love Me Right”, and EX’ACT” all sold over 1 million sales as well. They have won a total of 147 awards from music award shows and 106 music program awards, making them the most awarded boy group on music programs.


Lee Chaerin or better known as CL, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and rapper. She is under YG Entertainment, one of Korea’s most influential agencies. CL has released two singles in English, “Hello Bit***s” and “Lifted” which received a lot of excitement for her future music. Currently, she has been working on her album and it will be her official debut into the U.S market under Scooter Braun. Before CL became a solo artist, she was known as the leader of one of Korea’s leading girl groups, 2NE1 which sadly disbanded in 2017.

If there is one thing that can be said about both acts it’s that EXO and CL are known to be amazing performers who know how to put on a good show. Here are some live performances that truly showcase what these two artists have to offer:

Both artists are humble, talented, and have opened doors for K-Pop internationally. Don’t forget to tune into the closing ceremony of Korea’s representative artists and watch them dominate the stage on February 25 at 8 p.m. KST.


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