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The Top 5 Indie Songs For Everyone New To The Genre

February 24, 20182 min read

If you have watched and repeated all the mainstream music videos and vlogs on YouTube, then welcome to your fresh, indie start.

I am a huge fan of alternative, rock, soul, and R&B — and I listen to them whenever I’m in my chill mood.

I declared myself a loyal fan of gnash after his song “i hate you, i love you” with Olivia O’ Brien. I then listened to his individual songs like “tell me it’s okay” and “closure” ft. Skizzy Mars.

And almost immediately, YouTube started suggesting some incredible indie artists and I loved each and every one of them. Most are actually based in Soundcloud. (Gnash released his EPs there.) However, by now, most artists also own their own personal channel or a VEVO channel.

Here are five hits to play for all you indie lovers and for all those who need fresh, honest music. You may have never heard of them before, but I guarantee that you’ll fall in love immediately:

“3.00 AM” by Finding Hope

“YOU” by 11:11

“my boy” by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish was crowned the UPNEXT music artist by Apple Music in October 2017 due the incredible success of her EP Don’t Smile At Me

Check Out: “Meet Billie Eilish: The 16-Year-Old Pop Artist Who Killed The Game in 2017

“closure” by gnash ft. Skizzy Mars

“Losing” by H.E.R.

I really hope that all these artists start to gain more of the recognition they deserve. To everyone reading, welcome to the other side of YouTube and the indie side of music!

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