Now Reading: Gigi Hadid Got Robbed in Greece Yet Flaunts the Memories on Instagram


Gigi Hadid Got Robbed in Greece Yet Flaunts the Memories on Instagram

August 11, 20194 min read

Supermodel Gigi Hadid took an unforgettable vacation on the island of Mykonos, Greece. Gigi Hadid was accompanied by her sisters Bella and Mariella, along with friends, to celebrate their sister Alana Hadid’s thirty-fourth birthday. The birthday vacation was well-publicized on the Hadid sisters’ Instagram, starting off with the birthday girl herself, Alana.

The getaway started off on July 23 in Mykonos, Greece leading up to Alana Hadid’s birthday a few days later on July 25 then ended at the beginning of August, allegedly on the day of the robbery. During the two week celebration, the Hadid Sisters showed off their pride for Mykonos with a series of pictures on Instagram from their rented home and yacht. Gigi Hadid even embroidered her nickname into the island as “Gikonos.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with posting pictures of your everyday life especially when you’re on vacation. For celebrities with a huge follower count, it influences their platform and the vacation destination gets free promotion. It’s no guilt trip, it’s a win-win situation.

However, Gigi Hadid threw an entire island and their citizens under the bus in her photography account on Instagram.

Gigi Hadid was robbed in Mykonos, presumably her sister too. According to TMZ’s source, the Hadid sisters came home from a night out to find their rented home turned upside down with missing valuables. The story goes that the Hadid sisters did inform local police, but felt the authorities were not progressing. Therefore, they ditched the vacation earlier than intended. The Hadid siblings believe the house staff played a role in the robbery as they had full access to the home.

Robbery is a devastating thing as the Hadids are not the first celebrities to be victims. The infamous robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris back in 2016 did traumatize her as she changed perspective on what and not to share on social media. In the end, Kim K did not attack Paris itself.

Gigi Hadid does not recommend Mykonos to her thousands of followers on her side account. Better yet to spend money elsewhere as she vows “Never going back.” The comment can affect business in Mykonos, specifically local businesses who depend on tourism. Grecians were the first to vocalize their personal take on Gigi’s controversial comment.

The people were not wrong. Gigi Hadid did document her whereabouts on social media for people to see, in this case, her robbers. Gigi Hadid diminished Mykonos by mainly focusing on the destination which is wrong for calling the city. Gigi should’ve called out the rented house and its realtor for the incident. In the end, it was the house and the Hadids themselves for not having strict security for their valuables.

After posting about the incident, Gigi Hadid decided to flaunt her memorable vacation in Mykonos in a handful of posts on her side account on Instagram.

Looks like Gigi and her siblings had a “miserable” vacation in Mykonos, Greece. As told by Gigi, “Don’t let insta fool u.”, or believe everything you read on the internet.

Featured Image via Gigi Hadid’s Instagram.

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