Gillian Flynn Does it Again

September 1, 20173 min read

Gillian ‘Frickin’ Flynn needs to stop. She needs to stop being such an amazing author. I’ve only read two books by her so far and the one I just finished was a short story she wrote for George R. R. Martin.I don’t usually read ghost stories, but The Grownup was a book that I couldn’t put down. The story is only sixty-two pages long and so much goes on in the short novel. This is the second most memorable book I’ve read and fallen in love with.

The Grownup is about an unnamed woman who makes a living by pretending to read people’s auras and performing sexual acts for men. A woman, Susan, goes to her for help, she feels as if her husband is slipping away and her stepson, Miles, is planning to kill her. Susan also thinks her house is evil, so she has the woman come and try to cleanse it. The woman is very cynical and believes that Susan is overreacting so she doesn’t take her seriously. Throughout the story, you see that the woman is starting understand why Susan is feeling this way. There is evidence of the house actually being haunted – Miles throws up in her purse, and blood just forms itself on the walls. So the woman tells Susan that there’s nothing she can do, except be there for her. In the end there is huge twist amid Susan, the woman, Miles, and Susan’s husband. You don’t know who to trust. The ending is a mess, and you’re going to have to read it to know — I don’t want to give away the whole story.

For those who love a good creepy story, and are tired of reading teeny ghost stories, this book is for you. Gillian Flynn’s words just grip my mind and stay there for a long long time. She creates stories that are so compelling and mind boggling. Flynn’s characters are extremely brilliant, complex, and remarkably deranged. Flynn takes everything to the next level, with unlovable female heroines. How does she do it? I do enjoy Gillian Flynn’s work, but there was a point where I got a little bored and that is exactly when the smashing twist came and caught me by surprise. The book starts off great, then stays at a steady pace, then boom, smash, bang! Flynn hits you with something crazy. I will continue to read her books and recommend you to too.

Also, I’d advise you not to read this book before bed — you’ll have nightmares.



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