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Five YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

September 1, 20173 min read

When most people think about YouTube, they immediately start to think about vloggers and challenges that make no sense whatsoever but always manage to catch on like wildfire. Youtube, however, is not only good for catching up on the latest trends or to keep up with what your fave is doing at the moment. YouTube can also be good for wanting to broaden your learning horizons, so to speak. Whenever I use YouTube, I admit, I watch the occasional vlog or #GRWM, but I also spend my time on Youtube watching documentaries.

The following  YouTube channels are ones that I watch religiously and learn so much from its content every time a new video is uploaded:

  1. Vice/Vice News/i-D – These channels are all under the Vice branch. Vice and Vice News, in particular, focuses on topics ranging from political climate to social issues in foreign countries to those in the entertainment industry and their personal stories. i-D, the other subset of the Vice branch,  focuses on the entertainment lifestyle, while also managing to educate on cultural issues, such as the mini-series about Brazil and its beauty addictions, resulting in the underlying issue of Brazil’s anti-blackness.
  2. BUILDSeries – BUILDSeries is a channel that interviews celebrities, usually about their upcoming work which slowly turns into a discussion about certain things going on in our political climate — more specifically the United States. A recent favorite of mine from the channel is an interview with Sophia Bush in which she talks about her campaign, #NoHormonesPLZ, which is about birth control and women rights in America at the moment.
  3. BBCWorldwide – BBCWorldwide is a channel that has numerous clips about very interesting subjects that you will soon want to go and research/delve into as soon as the video is over. I personally absolutely love anything BBC related, so I recommend checking out some of the other BBC channels, such as BBC World Service.
  4. Real Stories – This channel is wild. The amount of numerous and topic ranging documentaries that this channel has to offer is absolutely mind-blowing. There’s so much to learn and discover with every hour long video that I’m just astounded and go back for more each and every time.
  5. The Creator Class – I love The Creator Class with every fiber of my being. This channel focuses on artists and their work ranging from music to photography, and it just holds my heart strings. The channel manages to be simplistic, yet refined at the exact same time. Their sit-down video with artist Princess Nokia, whom I love and adore, made me fall in love with the channel, which has continued to teach me more about myself and guide me into the direction I want to take my life.

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