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Hanne Mjøen Talks Newest Single ‘Sounds Good To Me’

October 1, 20187 min read

Norwegian teen pop artist Hanne Mjøen is a force to be reckoned with. Her first three singles were broadcasted on Norway’s national radio, NRK P3, and earned her a spot on by The FADER’s list of Top 15 Scandinavian Artists to Listen to in 2018. Since then, Mjøen has only continued to raise the bar. Her single, ‘Vanilla’, was featured as The Line of Best Fit’s Song of the Day and now ‘Sounds Good To Me’ is the latest in her registry of hit songs.

The electric introduction compliments Mjøen’s light voice perfectly and the change of pace keeps listeners invested. Mjøen is most known for her vibrant, fast-paced pop and ‘Sounds Good To Me’ is no different. Throughout the song, crescendos and electro-pop vibes feed off of each other to create the perfect combination unique to Mjøen’s style. 


Affinity Magazine: Could you talk a little about the inspiration behind your most recent single, “Sounds Good To Me”?

Hanne Mjøen: I’m a very emotional person, and I’ve always wanted to write about that. So “Sounds Good To Me” is about all the emotions you go through in new relationships. It’s about how you know how heartbreaking and hard it will be, but still decide that it’s worth it.


Affinity: What’s your favorite line in the song?

HM: My favorite lyric in the song is the opening line “You’ll break my heart, a thousand times, can see it from miles away”


Affinity: In what ways is “Sounds Good To Me” different from your previous tracks?

HM: I feel like I finally found myself with this song. I just had to be completely honest in the lyrics, and emphasize who I am. I’m also a huge Robyn fan, and I think you can hear it in the bass, and the 80’s inspired synths and drums.


Affinity: Overall, how would you describe your genre of music to someone who has never heard it before?

HM: Honest, danceable, modern flirting with retro pop.


Affinity: When did you start creating music? How has your childhood influence your style?

HM: Since I was a child I’ve always been listening to pop songs on the radio, and when I started writing songs myself, it just felt very natural for me to do pop.


Affinity: How, if at all, has your musical style changed since when you began?

HM: My musical style has changed quite a bit over the years, I started out wanting to do a pop-rock thing, but found out pretty fast that it wasn’t for me and didn’t really suit my voice. So I ended opp in a future bass sound, and now with “Sounds Good To Me” I’m in a more of a future-nostalgic pop style, which feels very right for me.


Affinity: Who was your biggest musical inspiration growing up?

HM: I was a huge fan of a British-Norwegian boyband called A1 from the age of 8. Kind of embarrassing but I still think their songs are really good.


Affinity: Has there ever been a time when you doubted pursuing a career in music? What inspired you to keep going?

HM: At times it’s hard being a young new artist amongst so many other talented people, but seeing my friends being more successful over the years have pushed me to work harder and not giving up. I don’t have any other talents, so I’m staying with music!


Affinity: What have you been the most proud of in the past year?

HM: I’m constantly writing new music with different songwriters, producers and artists, and I’m very proud of the amount of songs that have come out of those sessions. I think I have over 150 songs in my dropbox.


Affinity: On the flip side, what has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to do in the past year?

HM: It’s very hard taking time off. I always want to say yes to every interview, concert and opportunity I get, but I think it’s important to give yourself breaks, and take care of both mental and physical health.


Affinity: Walk me through your writing process. Where and when do you feel most inspired and productive?

HM: I’m a peoples person, and I write the best songs bonding about emotions together with other writers. I always write down phrases and concepts I want to write about and bringing it into a writing session. It’s very refreshing hearing other people’s views on things, not getting stuck in my own head.


Affinity: Where can people find more of your work / what can they follow you on?

HM: You can find my music on Spotify and follow me on instagram @hanne.mjoen


Affinity: Are you working on any other exciting, forthcoming projects that you want your fans to know about?

HM: I’ve been in Berlin making a music video for “Sounds Good To Me” that I can’t wait to show people. I think the video will be very interesting. 


Affinity: If you could give young aspiring artists one piece of advice, what would it be?

HM: Be honest, trust yourself and follow your dreams, no matter what people tell you.


Affinity: Any last thoughts?

HM: Check out my song and tell me what you feel! I’m excited to know what you think of it.


You can listen to ‘Sounds Good To Me’ on SoundCloud and find more about Hanne Mjøen here.

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