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Harry Styles Breaks the Internet With New Single “Lights Up”

October 11, 20195 min read

It’s been a long time coming. A very long time.

Every single fan of twenty-five-year-old Harry Styles has experienced the pain of hyping themselves up on Twitter after seeing  “HS2 AT MIDNIGHT” trending only to later find out that you stayed up for no reason because, well, there was no Harry Styles 2 at midnight.

Well, guess what, Harries?

October 11 has officially become the day: The Return of Harry Styles.

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After going mostly silent on social media for about a year, Styles proceeded to break the Internet in the span of just one day. On October 10, Styles launched a website that generated fun and positive sayings for fans. The singer-songwriter also began to like and respond to tweets on Twitter – something he does extremely rarely. And, to say that this didn’t go unseen by fans is a complete understatement.

Just a few days before, Styles also tweeted an extremely cryptic, one-word tweet which progressed to completely excite fans to a significant extent. The singer tweeted the single word “Do,” which led fans to question if a single was on the way.

Fans of Harry Styles have eagerly been awaiting the release of new music from the very moment Styles concluded his first world tour as a solo artist in 2018. And though the star has certainly been busy within the last year with co-hosting the Met Gala, performing with Stevie Nicks and becoming the face of Gucci, it doesn’t mean that fans haven’t missed Styles’s eccentric sound and mesmerizing voice.

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, Styles released his brand new single “Lights Up” on October 11 — a groovy tune that makes you want to dance, laugh and cry all at the same time.

The song starts out with a very soft guitar that sounds almost rustic and akin to late afternoons spent by the beach. Very quickly, a drumbeat and melodious bassline takes over, accompanying Styles’ sultry voice. In the background, the guitar returns, paired with Styles as he sings about “things staying the same.” As the song develops into the chorus, Styles’ mesmerizing voice is partnered with a mellow piano and a beautiful choir. The song mixes folk with pop and the blues.

The music video (which was released on the same evening) features Styles surrounded by men and women who cling to him and surround him as he stands singing in the middle of their cluster. Various shots also feature Styles in a sparkly jumpsuit in the water and sitting on the back of a motorcycle with his arms acting as wings behind him. The entire music video is a trip — a bizarre, exciting, extremely long-awaited trip.

As soon as the song and music video were released, fans of the singer took to Twitter to share their immense excitement and love for the song.

“Lights Up” is an astounding, astonishing and breathtaking song that will certainly be stuck in our heads for days to come. The song only serves to further prove Styles’ immense and diverse talent as a musician and definitely gives us a bit of insight on what to expect with his second album.

Haven’t yet listened to the song or watched the music video? What are you waiting for?! Click here to listen and watch now!

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