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Has Black Mirror Found A Contender?

November 10, 20173 min read

Black Mirror is a television anthology that has gained somewhat of a cult following. Most people know what it is, but it hasn’t exploded in the media the way that something like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad might have when they were first introduced to the mainstream public. Perhaps its nature is deemed a little too dark to appeal to the masses.

As a television show, it packs a punch with every episode that it puts out. Not only is it a look at the dangerous side of technology and how it can very easily spiral out of its creator’s control, but it’s also an in depth look into the dark side of human nature. It can be satirical but happy endings are a rarity. In these ways it is quite a unique show.

However, a new show has popped into the mix. Based on the writing of Philip K. Dick, Electric Dreams is another show that aims to explore the hidden side of human nature and the consequences that come with it. It does deal a little more with space and sci-fi as opposed to the tech focus that Black Mirror has, but that just makes it more intriguing.

“The humanity in this piece is gorgeous,” Cunningham (actor) said via io9

Electric Dreams is unique enough to be interesting, but similar enough to Black Mirror for us to recommend it. We probably wouldn’t want to watch the exact same thing with a different name. Even the synopsis pulls you in, but it’s highly possible that you haven’t heard of it due to it being produced by Amazon and not Netflix.

Moreover, there are some fantastic names who have joined the cast. Richard Madden (Robb Stark from Game of Thrones), Holly Grainger (live-action Cinderella) and fan favorite Bryan Cranston even has a hand in it too! A little sneak peek into the first episode: telepaths are being added to the police force and people are protesting about the violation of their privacy. Imagine being held accountable for your thought crimes!

If you’re into surreal situations that explore human nature, then Electric Dreams might just be the anthology series for you.

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