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Why Late-Night TV Has Become So Popular During the Trump Era

August 22, 20173 min read

President Donald Trump has been in office for about 30 weeks now and most Americans, even those who claim not to be politically involved, can list more than a few controversial ways he has exercised his power as commander-in-chief. It is frustrating to watch mainstream news outlets speak so professionally of the unsophisticated and uncultured incidents occurring in the White House. Perhaps this is why late-night TV has become a source of comedic relief for many Americans who are watching in disbelief as the President attempts to attack the principles that characterize this nation.

Ironically enough, late-night comedic jabs at Trump sometimes feel like a more appropriate response to his administration’s blunders than real news coverage with endless panels of “expert insight.” A more refreshing recap of what is going on in the White House can be provided by late-night hosts, such as Seth Meyers of “Late Night.” Meyers is perhaps the most outspoken on political matters of his late-night contemporaries. After the Charlottesville terror attack, he did not hesitate to call Trump out on his reconciling reaction to the situation by stating that “he is not a president” when he continues to show solidarity with hate groups. The election of Donald Trump has allowed Meyers to find his voice and surpass longtime late-night hosts who aren’t responding to Trump as critically.

Speaking of such, Jimmy Fallon of “The Tonight Show,” has tried to avoid adapting his show to fit the political climate. However, the fact that “The Tonight Show” has not been nominated for an Emmy this year for the first time since it aired in 2014, is quite telling of what viewers are expecting from late-night comedians. Yet, even Fallon was unable to remain reticent as the Charlottesville incident unfolded. He began his monologue that Monday by stating that “Even though ‘The Tonight Show’ isn’t a political show, it is my responsibility to stand up against intolerance and extremism as a human being.”

Sobering commentary on the President’s misconduct is refreshing because it holds Trump accountable. People appreciate the liberal outrage of Samantha Bee from “Full Frontal.” They share Trevor Noah’s (The Daily Show) angst and disbelief when it comes to Trump’s ridiculously childish tweets. They empathize with Jimmy Kimmel of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” when he tearfully tells the story of his son Billy’s birth, amidst heated Congressional debate over the AHCA. Late-night TV has reached its high point because it has given a platform to honest discussions about Trump’s presidency, and to Americans who can no longer normalize a president who obtains his information from Twitter and constantly abandons the White House to go golfing, this is a good reason as any to tune in after dark.

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