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Has Boba Fett Returned?: A Review of Season Two, Episode One of ‘The Mandalorian’

November 4, 20205 min read

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda are back for another season! And I must say, this season is looking good. This has to be one of my all-time favourite episodes of The Mandalorian, so far. It was action-packed, extremely aesthetically pleasing and nostalgic.

In this season, Mando’s priority is now to get The Child back to his own species. However, Mando doesn’t know where to start in finding this rare species, and in search for other mandalorian’s to help him. In chapter 9 specifically, he is misled to the well-known planet of Tatooine. Here, he is met by the so-called mandalorian in Tatooine. Now, as if the nostalgia of revisting the planet of the Tuscan Raiders wasn’t enough, Favreau further impliments some nostalgia through the mandolorian armour we see. The armour is infact Boba Fett’s… However, it is not Boba Fett we see, but the village’s marshal- Cobb Vanth (played by Timothee Olyphant)- who uses the armour for protection against invaders.

Though disappointing in that it is not Boba Fett, Timothee Olyphant did a great job at playing this new western character who too aims at protecting what matters at all cost! In this sense, we see many parallels between both Mando and Cobb. Furthermore, I think it was very well done how this episode offered a new way of viewing the Tuscan Raiders. Instead of seeing their aggressiveness, as we have in previous films, we learn to understand their reasonings and gain a bit of emphathy towards them and their viscious nature.

Unfortunately, within this episode we see a lack of development for Mando and The Child,  nonetheless, I think this was a perfect introductionary episode to get back into the Star Wars world. In particular, I loved the realist elements used in this chapter. Specifically Jon Favreau used lots of long shots and close-ups detailing and providing a further insight into the planet of Tatooine. I think this method allowed us to really imagine ourselves in this world, whilst also expanding the Star Wars world through introducing new aliens and environments.

Furthermore, Favreau’s realist techniques also added to the western feel of the series. For example, the use of long takes served as an emphasis on the dessertedness of the planet, alluding to the western stylistic qualities. In a similar way, the episode was complimented with a westernised score, that add to the shows’ aesthetics. I must say, I love how The Mandalorian has such a westernised atmosphere despite being a Sci-Fi based in space. Again showing how well Favreau has thought out this series. Similarly, there were many shots as Mando travels through villages, where the villages stare at the newcomer- again alluding to the old westerns.

Overall, I thought the episode was amazingly done. I would have liked to see some more development in Mando and The Child’s storyline. However, as stated previously, I think the episode did well to bring us back into the series. Furthermore, I personally found elements of the previous season a bit cringe. However, I think Jon Favreau perfectly wrote and directed this episode, in a way that avoided any cringe-worthy scenes, and instead made it as realistic and enjoyable to watch. Lastly, the question we have all been asking: Has Boba Fett returned? Yes, he has in fact. Though not entirely obvious, the scowling man at the end- watching Mando in the distance- was in fact Boba Fett. This scene in turn brought up so many questions including: How did he survive after the events of ‘Return of the Jedi’?; Will we see more of him, and what will he do next? Our questions will hopefully be answered in Chapter 10.


The next episode of The Mandalorian airs November 6th on Disney Plus.

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