Now Reading: Has Demi Lovato been exposed for her secret Instagram account?


Has Demi Lovato been exposed for her secret Instagram account?

April 17, 20206 min read

In a rather surprising turn of events, Demi Lovato has been allegedly exposed for having a secret Instagram where she has made several posts shading her former best friend and Disney co-star Selena Gomez. This comes after Demi’s recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar   where she confirmed that herself and Selena were no longer friends, although fans of both artists knew their relationship had broken down, this was the first time the “Anyone” singer had publicly confirmed it.

It all started when a video leaked on Twitter which seemingly showed Lovato with new boyfriend Max Ehrich livestreaming on Instagram with the account name @traumaqueen4eva, a finsta account which is reportedly run by the actress. A ‘finsta’ is commonly known as a private social media account typically created to be shared only with those closest to you.

In the video, Demi can be seen chatting with actress Sarah Francis Jones, which suggests that she may have access to the account. Furthermore, Twitter sleuths have shared multiple screenshots of alleged posts that seem to be attacking her former Disney co-star Selena Gomez with one of the posts being a photo-shopped picture of Selena, Demi and Nicki Minaj to which the caption reads “And this would never happen…” whilst another shows Demi holding up an old edition of People Magazine where the front cover is her and Selena. However, Gomez’s face has been crossed out with the caption saying “you can call me Petti Labelle.”

[Translated tweet: “Demi went live from an Instagram posing as a fan and threw hate at Selena in all possible forms. The envy, jealousy and anger she has always had for Selena is astonishing. Selena can presume that there is no friendship with that fake person.”]

The alleged ‘evidence’ blew up on Twitter and fans quickly took to trending #DemiLovatoIsOverParty which began to attract attention globally and fans were quick to point out that they were disappointed to see the likes of stars such as Sam Smith, Lauren Jauregui and Nikita Dragun following the account, calling them out for being advocates of mental health, yet seemingly following an account that promoted negativity.

Renowned entertainment blogger Perez Hilton seemed to echo their thoughts as he shared his views on his Twitter.  “Anti-bullying advocate @DDLovato is exposed for being a mean girl to @SelenaGomez on her finsta. For you boomers – that means her private Instagram account, which her friends and celebs like Sam Smith and former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui follow. #DemiLovatoIsOverParty.”

Since the leak came to light, all posts have been deleted, the username has been changed, and the account has been deactivated  so whoever was running the account has made attempts to control the growing situation. Furthermore, Demi has also turned off the comments on her main account.

Whilst some argue this is proof that Lovato was running the account, others are not so sure as besides the alleged posts, there is little evidence to go by.

Demi’s relationships have been put under a microscope over the last few years when it became clear she was no longer friends with the Jonas Brothers and Selena who she was once close with. Particularly as fans have been quick to speculate why and have accused the 27-year-old of throwing shade to her former friends several times, over the years. In 2010, Demi was asked by a fan how Selena was doing, whereby she responded with a rather sarcastic response of ‘Ask Taylor’, alluding to the then growing friendship between Gomez and Taylor Swift. Most recently she was accused of throwing shade to the Jonas Brothers and ex Wilmer  Valderrama in her new music video “Love Me.”

Over the last year, Demi has faced a lot of pain after suffering an addiction relapse and going back to rehab. Lately, she has seemed to be in a good place after finding love with new boyfriend Max Ehrich and releasing music again (having just released a single with Sam Smith). In addition, Lovato has frequently positioned herself as a voice against bullying and an advocate for mental health, in light of her own struggles and Bipolar disorder so there is hope that this is all one big misunderstanding.

Fans will just have to wait and see if she releases an official statement acknowledging these rather, damning claims.

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