Diana’s Autumn

January 28, 20182 min read

The Greek goddess Diana is queen of the hunt and of nature. This poem is inspired by the chilling air outside and the metaphorical death of nature, as the leaves begin to fall and the frost starts inching in.

The brilliance pierces holes in her flesh; she sews her silhouette

Into the hazy fading patches. Outside the raven

call Falls like a warning to the impending frost

Screeching in a cacophonous harmony

with the wolves leading Diana.

The leaves (fall) like blocks of cinder.


The burning embers flail about cinder

spells, illuminating nothing but a silhouette.

Nimbly she leaps toward the leaves calling out “Diana”

And in towns away, the man and the raven

Fall together into the hazy harmony

That threatens to expel them into the frost.


But the fiery tinder embraces the frost,

Which falls over the cinder

Like a mother clutching her infant.

Nearby a hazy figure watches the harmony,

Silent as He plucks off feathers of the raven

That flew to warn Diana.


“Die” begins my name, said the huntress Diana,

Gliding naked into the snow white frost

Leaving a trail of bright red blood; her raven

hair falling to her torso, leaving cinder

streaks down her back. She is a shadow with no silhouette —

Her mind hazy in her harmony.


Diana isn’t here anymore. She missed the disharmony

Creeping into the fallen walls. Oh, Diana,

The ripped stitches of your hazy silhouette

Leave gaps for the frost

fingers to grope past — fingers black as cinder

From frost bites and wolf bites and dead ravens.


Now I can only hear the hazy soundtrack of the raven

Inside my head. No harmony is harmony. No more harmony is harmony.

Burning embers are exchanged for fireplace cinder.

I send my prayers to Diana

I fall sword up on the knife of frost.

But I like my silhouette.


He throws cinder blocks at the beak of the raven.

Our silhouettes, hers and mine, fall together in harmony.

Enjoy the frost, Diana.

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