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Here’s 10 Underrated One Direction Songs in Honour of #10YearsOf1D

July 22, 20209 min read

On 23 July 2010, 5 unsuspecting teenagers got put into a group on a singing talent show. They didn’t win it, but instead, they won global domination. This band was One Direction. And now, 10 years later, the members of the band have gone their separate ways. But with a promise to be back together again at some point. So in honour of this beloved band turning 10 years old, here are 10 of One Direction’s extremely underrated songs. Because trust me, there are a lot of those. To be fair, the entirety of FOUR and Midnight Memories is underrated, but I tried to select the best ones. These guys produced some bops y’all.

Fools Gold – FOUR

Trust me when I say this, Fools Gold is probably one of the most underrated One Direction songs out there. That song is so calming and soothing and sad – it hits you right in the feels. The harmonies are so beautiful and the music is just so incredible. They never performed it live, but Niall Horan adopted that song on his Flicker World Tour. And seeing that live basically solidified it for me. Easily one of the best songs they ever made. And it deserves so much better.

Stockholm Syndrome – FOUR

Another one from this album. Like I mentioned earlier, FOUR is definitely one of their extremely underrated albums. This one is such a cool head bopping anthem and its so groovy. Easily a chill club song. Its equal parts sexy and synth-y. Definitely deserves to be blasted at the highest volume.

What a Feeling – Made In The A.M.

This song got made into a meme thanks to Vine (RIP), but it still deserves all the hype it can get! It is so chill and calm and head bop-y. Perfect for a long drive with the windows down. Its very different compared to the rest of their discography and a fun song to nod along to.

Happily – Midnight Memories

One of my personal favourites! This song is so cute and happy, you can’t help but scream-sing and smile as it plays. Midnight Memories is another album that is criminally underrated and deserves more recognition. One of their best albums till date. Happily could easily have been an amazing single, but oh well. Sing and dance and clap along to this absolute gem, you won’t regret it.

They Don’t Know About Us – Take Me Home

CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED. This song is so perfect, and Zayn smashed it out of the park with his high notes. They never performed this live, which honestly is a crime in my opinion. Such a classic and a throwback. This song truly deserves better. Justice for They Don’t Know About Us, please.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go – FOUR

One Direction truly fumbled the bag when they didn’t make this a single. What a classic pop-rock song. I truly cannot explain how incredible this song is. The slow build, right up to the drop and the amazing guitar riffs. This song is golden. And it also resulted in one of the best live performances of 1D of all time. That too with Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones! Watch this performance, you will definitely not regret it.

Up All Night – Up All Night

Ah, the title song from their very first album. This is a perfect club anthem and such a cool pop song. You cannot help but bop your head as you dance your heart out to this number. Whether it is in your bedroom with your hairbrush in the middle of the night or at a nightclub with your friends, the effect is all the same. A classic, fun filled, jam along track.

Clouds – FOUR

I know there are a lot of tracks from FOUR on this list but it is an underrated album! Clouds is honestly one of my favourites by this band and it is so unique and different to the stuff they’ve put out. From the instrumental riffs to the combined high notes and falsettos by everyone, especially Harry and Zayn, this song is a masterpiece and deserves a lot more love that what it has been receiving! Its very rock and heavy on the guitars, and it works so well, you will fall in love with it the second you hear it. Definitely one of the best songs One Direction has made.

Walking in the Wind – Made In The A.M.

Truly one of my favourite songs on the album. Its like a warm hug from the band, letting you know that even though they’re saying goodbye for a little bit, they’ll be back. With lyrics like ‘goodbyes are bittersweet, but it’s not the end, I’ll see your face again’, you can’t help but have a reluctant smile on your face as you bid farewell to them. Since it is kind of a letter from the boys to their fans – in a similar vein to ‘History‘. It definitely feels like there is a lump in your throat as you listen to this masterpiece. Definitely deserves more love.

Right Now – Midnight Memories

Now this one might not be as underrated as the rest of the songs in this list, but my god this song deserves so much more love than what it already receives. One of the extremely special songs this band has made, it will not fail to make you cry. Especially if you have seen the beautiful fan project that has now been associated with this song. Soothing, emotional and raw. One of my absolute favourites and truly one of the best One Direction songs ever made. Watch this performance and try not to cry, because there will definitely be tears.

Some special mentions:

Temporary Fix – Made In The A.M.

Girl Almighty – Four

Something Great – Midnight Memories

Moments – Up All Night

She’s Not Afraid – Take Me Home

Little White Lies – Midnight Memories

18 – FOUR

Long Way Down – Made In The A.M.

Better Than Words – Midnight Memories


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