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Here’s a Rundown of Amazon’s Prime Day Concert

July 11, 20197 min read

Amazon kicked off their highly anticipated sales of the year in New York with its fifth annual Prime Day Concert on July 10. The concert, which was exclusive to Prime members, featured a diverse mix of female musicians that the audience could enjoy in the nearly three-hour concert hosted by Jane Lynch and accompanied by YouTuber Tyler Oakley. It included headliners SZA, Becky G and Dua Lipa and main headliner Taylor Swift.

Not only did fans and Prime members have the chance to enjoy the free show but they also got the details of Amazon Original series such as Emmy-winner The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Carnival Row and Fleabag. In addition, the live audience played trivia with Tyler Oakley and won Amazon prizes.

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Two-time Grammy winner Dua Lipa opened the concert with her summer hits that left many in the audience nostalgic. The singer opened with “Blow Your Mind (Mwah),” followed by “One Kiss. Lipa was also joined by her dancers to ignite the concert and to energize the stage with “Electricity,” the song that earned her a Grammy for “Best Dance Recording” along with Silk City. Lipa took a dive back to her self-titled album for the post-breakup song “IDGAF.Lastly, she finished her set with the ultimate breakup anthem that became a hit in 2017, “New Rules.” The crowd and home-viewers did not reminisce about their ex-lovers as that enjoyment was fulfilled by Dua Lipa.

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Latin pop artist Becky G came into the concert hot and ready. Becky G had her own introduction before she hit the stage, which featured her group of dancers performing in front of her visual backdrop. Becky G entered with “La Respuesta” as the music video played in the background. She continued her set entirely in Spanish with “Cuando Te Besé” and her first live performance of her new single, “Dollar.

The international artist briefly mentioned how “Mayores” became the breakthrough of her career since it launched her Latin music. Ironically, “Mayores” has (what some will consider to be) an inappropriate lyric since it was marked out of several radios. However, Becky G passionately sang the verse since most of the audience did not know Spanish. Many made remarks online by claiming they could not enjoy her set because of her mother tongue.

In addition, the cameras for the live stream panned throughout the audience who did not show much emotion throughout her set. Although, this did not stop her as she enjoyed herself until the very end of “Sin Pijama.Becky G’s performance was the most outstanding of all as her stage presence exuded from her body and voice, and she kept grounded to her roots.

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SZA won the heart of home-viewers for her set. Opening with “Supermodel,” SZA shared the stage with herself, her vocals and her quirky dance moves. SZA radiated with her own energy throughout her set. She performed “Broken Clocks” and “Normal Girl” against beautiful backdrops.

Ironically, SZA told the audience she was not allowed to curse, yet she did so anyway, which led to a pause for home viewers. What caught the audience off guard was the cover of Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me.SZA certainly got some of the live audience intrigued as she called out the audience for being quiet with “Are y’all awake?” To close her performance, SZA sang her R&B single “Love Galore.

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Taylor Swift finally took the stage to close the concert. Taylor opened up with her first single “ME!” off of her highly anticipated album, Lover, with her backup singers, the Starlights. Swift revived the audience as many of them are her fans. They wore her merch and some even held a small heart-shapes pink paper poster organized by her fans. (Also – Swift’s outfit, especially her shoes, killed the night!)

Taylor and the Starlights continued with “Blank Space” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”. She told the audience that she would go back to an “old” song of hers, which was “Love Story.” After moments of singing and dancing, Swift, like Becky G, stayed true to her roots and grab her guitar to sing “Welcome to New York.” The song was quite appropriate for the location she was performing in. Swift continued with “Delicate,” which soothed the audience into the emotion of love.

Swift shifted back to her 1989 era to perform “Style.Again, Becky G was not the only one to perform a single live for the first time as Swift performed her summer anthem “You Need to Calm Down.The visuals for the song were from its lyric video. To close the show, she performed “Shake It Off,” the song that transitioned her discography from country to pop music. Taylor Swift highly emphasized the lyric “The liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world,” which did not go unnoticed by her fans. Most of her fans believe this was Taylor’s live callout to her feud with Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun.

Amazon’s Prime Day Concert officially ended with dialogue by Lynch and Oakley. Dua Lipa and Becky G joined Taylor Swift on stage as well as with the hosts, but SZA was nowhere to be found. The artists took their time with their fans as Jane Lynch told Alexa to roll the credits. Prime members can watch Prime Day Concert for a limited time only on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music.


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