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Here’s What We Need in ‘The Princess Diaries 3!’

February 10, 20196 min read

The year 2004 was the last time fans saw Genovian Princess Mia Thermopolis on the big screen. But according to Mia herself (AKA Anne Hathaway), she’ll be back! Hathaway announced on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, that The Princess Diaries 3‘s script is completed. And for even more good news, Julie Andrews who plays Mia’s grandmother, Clarisse Renaldi, is ready to film along with Debra Martin Chase, the producer.

“It’s just we don’t want to unless it’s perfect because we love it just as much as you guys love it,” Hathaway said. “It’s as important to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready, but we’re working on it.”

The Princess Diaries, which first aired in 2001, is about an ordinary, introverted girl, Mia, whose life is turned upside down when she discovers that she is the true heir to the crown of a small European country, Genovia. Princess Diaries 2, the sequel that was released three years later, brought back Mia as a Princeton graduate who juggles her own feelings with Genovian tradition when she is forced to get married to be crowned queen.

The films gave us almost everything we wanted: a well-educated and independent female lead, crowns, Julie Andrews, the iconic Lilly Moscovitz, Fat Louie, and my personal favorite, Chris Pine. However, fans still want more – here are 5 things we want to see in the Princess Diaries 3!

1. The Return of Nicholas Devereaux

Who wouldn’t want to see Hollywood’s dreamboat, Chris Pine, reprise his role as Nicholas Devereaux? Physical attraction aside, Nicholas making a comeback will be very interesting. He respects Mia as a person and as a queen (which was shown in Princess Diaries 2 when he revoked his claim to the throne and publicly supported Mia as a queen.) It’d be interesting to have him return, not necessarily as a love interest but as a political leader who aids Mia in The Princess Diaries 3’s storyline.

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2. More Trevor and Fat Louie!

Mia’s newborn brother, Trevor, should have an important role in the movie! In the Princess Diaries 2, Mia’s mother and stepfather go to Genovia with their newborn son, and it would really be enjoyable to see Mia interact with him in Genovia. Her father, Phillipe Renaldo, died when she was young, so Mia never got to experience life with a younger sibling. She may not have been alone, she lived with her mother and her cat, but she never had a special connection with a sibling that many people have. So, seeing the Thermopolis siblings rule Genovia together would be an exceptional experience. And, of course, you can’t have a Princess Diaries movie without the beloved Fat Louie!

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3. Genovia’s Female Leaders

Many of us would love to see Queen Mia Thermopolis in action. We want to see her be active in the local communities and be an actual leader, the same way her grandmother was. And since Mia made sure that the Parliament included female members, having significant female Parliament members could be very interesting. Seeing multiple women in positions of power in a movie could encourage and empower many young girls who watch the movie. Hopefully, Princess Diaries 3, will showcase women of color working alongside the queen too.

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4. Lilly!

Obviously, it won’t be a Princess Diaries movie without Mia’s fabulous best friend, Lilly (who hopefully hosts her own television talk show.) Lilly was Mia’s best and only friend in high school, so it would only make sense that Heather Matarazzo reprise her role as Lilly Moscovitz. Also, a character this opinionated and outspoken about her beliefs will be an eccentric figure in Mia’s court, bringing tears (of laughter) to our eyes. Who wouldn’t want to see Lilly sass Nicholas a few more times anyway?

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5. Clarisse Renaldi (and Joe)

It’s hard not to love Julie Andrews’s character in the Princess Diaries. She embodies all the characteristics of a good queen: poise, elegant, firm, gentle and strict. So basically, she’s what every little girl has dreamt of being at one point in their life. Clarisse returning in the third film to guide Mia through her queenship is the refreshing female empowerment we all need to see on the big screen. And seeing one of the best on-screen queens in a happy marriage with Joe is something that will warm all of our hearts. Plus, we need another iconic line from Clarisse Renaldi!

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