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Here’s Why Beach Fossils Should Be Your Favorite Band

November 7, 20173 min read

Beginning as an expansion of frontman, Dustin Payseur’s solo project Beach Fossils was formed in 2009. With very major changes to their lineups, the Beach Fossils came to be the familiar three-piece known now to the fans. With Payseur remaining as the front man, Tommy Davidson came to reign on the guitar and Jack Doyle Smith on the drums.

The band is famously known for Payseur’s soft vocals and their more than atmospheric tone. They’ve established themselves in the indie rock and surf punk community, playing alongside bands like The Growlers while being featured on music news sources like VICE. Their music ventures from every vine of music influence; their album, Clash The Truth, pulls from, it seems, Joy Division’s static-esque rock sound, whereas their new album, Somersault, derails from everything Clash The Truth pinned up.

Somersault takes nostalgia and makes it a summer anthem. “This Year” opens the album with a Beatles’ sounding guitar intro and goes into the failures of committing oneself to their own personal re-branding for the sake of betterment. Listening to the album bears witness to how different Clash The Truth and Somersault really are. We’re witness to how musically diverse a band can be without being unapologetic about it. “That’s All for Now” closes the 11-track album with a three minute reminder that life doesn’t stop in one place, progress is necessary and we need to keep moving on.

Sexual assault is just one of the things the band is actively vocal about. Whether they voice it on Twitter or choose to use other platforms, such as the stage, they’re always making sure that the women who attend their concerts can consider the concert itself a safe place.

(A small thread on the band calling out another sexual predator.)

Beach Fossils are not a heartbreak band. You’re not going to lie awake at night thinking about the person who hurt you so heavily. Beach Fossils aren’t an every season band either. They’re a summer afternoon with a glass of lemonade. Especially with the release of their most recent album. While they feel like summer, they’re open for listening during any of the four seasons.

Their music can be found on Spotify and Apple MusicIt is highly recommended that you check them out.

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