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Hope This Isn’t The Last Time We See Him: A Review of “Supernatural” Season 14 Episode 7

December 4, 20189 min read

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from Season 14 Episode 7 of Supernatural.

This bittersweet and slightly horrifying episode starts with Nick who’s still on his journey of figuring out what happened to his family a long time ago. After killing his ex-neighbor in episode two, Nick “confess” to the dead priest that he killed about his journey. Then, he meets with a journalist that writes about his family tragedy and she mentions a “Frank Kellog” (Craig March)— cop that was around the neighborhood that time.

Also continuing from the last episode, Jack’s still unconscious and Castiel’s trying to figure out what’s going on with Jack but fails helplessly. After Castiel checks him, Jack gets worse and has to be taken to a hospital since Castiel can’t heal him. Even the doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong with Jack because she says that his body is “shutting down”. After the boys hear that news, they decide to take matters into their own hands. They go back to the bunker and call Rowena (Ruth Connell) for help. She hesitates at first because Jack’s Lucifer son but later on she decides to help and her answer is the same; Jack’s dying. She says that Jack’s dying because he lacks angel grace and when she’s explaining this to the boys, Dean’s vision gets blurry.

Later on, Jack wakes up and assuming that Rowena or the boys have told him that he’s dying, Jack’s in the middle of packing his bag when Dean gets inside the room bringing some food. When Dean asks about what’s he’s doing, Jack says that he wants to live the last moments of his life by going to Vegas or Tahiti and just doing things that humans do. Dean’s strangely on board with this and decides to take Jack on a road trip with him only. On the other hand, Sam, Castiel, and Rowena are searching for any help they can get. Sam calls for Ketch and Ketch says that they can get a help from a shaman called Sergei (Dimitri Vantis) and Cas volunteers to go see Sergei. Dean walks in to tell the other about his road trip with Jack and his vision gets blurry again.

As Dean and Jack go on a road trip, Dean lets Jack drive the Impala and he teaches Jack how to drive for the first time. Then they enjoy burgers and later on go fishing. When the two boys enjoying their road trip, Cas goes to meet Sergei the Shaman and manages to get an Archangel grace from him and a spell to completes the process and he, later on, goes back to the bunker at the same time when Dean and Jack get back from their road trip.

Nick goes to Frank Kellogg’s home and he finally finds an answer. It was indeed Frank that killed his family but he was possessed by a demon called Abraxas when he did it. For Nick, it’s a relieving to know that but his rage gets the best of him, he kills Frank for killing his family. Back to the bunker, Rowena does the spell and it goes well. Jack gets his Nephilim eyes back and he feels stronger but not long after that, he collapses to the floor and Rowena finds out that Jack’s even worse than he was before.

This episode ends with Castiel complaining to Sergei and Sergei saying that Jack’s case is for his experiment. It also ends with Nick still in Frank’s house. He’s weeping for what he has done and he’s talking aloud about how he actually enjoys when he kills people. Turns out, he’s confessing and he’s confessing to Lucifer. He says that he wants Lucifer to be back and use him as a vessel again and it also shows Lucifer rising slowly from a black liquid.

I’d say this episode’s the most bittersweet episode so far. There may not be tears from the characters but this episode gets me to really hold back my tears. What makes it sad? Jack and Dean’s relationship during this episode. The fact that Dean who didn’t really care about Jack and was skeptical of him at the beginning ends up caring about Jack the most and how Dean takes Jack’s illness very seriously. Even Sam and Cas think that how Dean reacts is almost like when someone’s “losing a son”. Dean also lets Jack drives the Impala! Which we all know that only Dean can be on the driver seat, Sam’s not even allowed to drive! Also when they’re fishing and Jack is talking about the fact that he’ll die soon, he says, “I’d miss more time with you [Dean],” and c’monI teared up during that scene!

Aside from those angsty scenes, this episode scares me too especially when Nick goes to Frank’s house. At first, he’s trying to get answers from him by torturing him and truth does spill out from his mouth. Frank’s confession’s beautifully written by the writers and gets me to feel bad for Nick but that feeling rather goes away so quickly. My pity turns to fear when Nick starts bashing Frank with a hammer and of course, his confession. When he’s talking, at first I thought he’s confessing to Chuck, which won’t make sense if the writers do that on this season, but then they reveal that it was Lucifer who Nick’s confessing to. Also when Nick says that he wants Lucifer back and scenes when Lucifer’s slowly rising from a black liquid thing, make me have goosebumps all over. Those eerie moments are truly a good horror to balance the bittersweet feeling.

Unfortunately, I think that the trailer for this episode is kind of like a spoiler. I mean I think they should’ve used a different scene for the trailer. They use the scene where Dean and Jack are on their road trip and showed Rowena but I think those two particular scenes could’ve been more surprising if they didn’t show it in the trailer. Maybe they used those scenes to deceive us because the trailer portrayed just the happy scenes while the episode turned out to be actually pretty dark and angsty. Nevertheless, I still wish they took the darker approach.

Not to be biased but I think we can all agree about Mark’s acting. Mark Pellegrino never fails to amaze me. Every time he appears in an episode, even with short lines or more torturing than talking, just blows me away and makes my jaw drop. His acting is just brilliant! Jensen and Alexander also did an amazing job in this episode. Their acting was genuine and impressive. I wish they gave Sam, Misha and Ruth more scenes though. Hopefully, this episode was not her last appearance in this season.

The next episode is called “Byzantium” and is directed by Eduardo Sánchez. This episode will air next week, December 3rd, 8/7c. Go ahead and check Supernatural official Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.

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