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How Electric Castle Is Different From Other Music Festivals

July 20, 20184 min read

Like many festivals around the world, Electric Castle has a main stage, a 24/7 dance floor, trendy lightning fixtures and their own ferris wheel.

So what’s different about the festival on the domain of Banffy Castle, 30 km (20 mi) from Cluj-Napoca, the 2015 European Youth Capital? First of all, there’s mud. So much mud! The festival’s reached its sixth edition, each one attracting not only thousands of people, but also dozens of grey clouds. Still, there is so much more you can find at Electric Castle that you wouldn’t expect at a music festival. We’ve put together a list of things you can do at the castle, because you will need a break from dancing during the five-day extravaganza.


The Metropolitan Circus of Bucharest brought their “Reveria” show, which was created in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, to Electric Castle. With three performances per day and seats filling up quickly at each show, make sure you make time to be blown away at the EC circus. It is also a great place to hide from the rain!

Art installations

Located just about anywhere you can imagine, from the castle to the upper deck of the dance stage, these are attractions you do not want to miss. Artists Daniel Popescu and Diana Buga have prepared synthetic fireflies and intricate spider webs for you in the Ahead Museum of Mesmerizing Art. The Shadow Theatre and their show Lightrip are waiting for you inside the castle, as are interactive art installations by artist Klaus Obermaier.


The two courts make for great ways to relax at the castle, both if you’re watching professional players from the bleachers or trying your best to hit the ball over the net.

Activities Tent

Morning yoga, board games, potato sack races, water fights, helium karaoke and many more daytime activities are waiting for you in the tent. If you’re camping on-site, there are no excuses as to why you’re not spending your mornings or afternoons here. If you’re not, you should consider coming earlier to the festival grounds and participating in the activities — there will be no cues at the bus stops.

Billboard messages

You’re invited to use your imagination and submit a message to be displayed on the billboard. (Please don’t ask the rain to come back.)

The beach

If you manage to pass through the forest — don’t worry, there are elevated wooden walkways — you’ll find the beach. Perfect environment for relaxation, isn’t it?

EC Sessions

Workshops, panels with journalists and influencers, stand-up comedians, and film projections! Who knew you could go to a festival and learn so much, laugh so much (at a comedy show, not because your friend fell into a muddy puddle), cry so much (at a movie, not because the rain made your mascara run down your face)?

Reverse Bungee Jumping

“It’s like a bungee jump. Only reversed. With double the thrills,” they said. I heard people scream. Hopefully, it was because they were having a lot of fun!

For the full schedule, download the official Electric Castle app on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

We’re covering the festival in real time! For more content from EC, follow us on Instagram at @theaffinitymag.

Photos courtesy of Electric Castle

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