Now Reading: How ‘Jane The Virgin’ Is Giving Us “Jetra” – Sort Of


How ‘Jane The Virgin’ Is Giving Us “Jetra” – Sort Of

February 14, 20182 min read

Many fans of The CW’s powerhouse show Jane The Virgin have been rooting for the possibility of a particular couple since season one – “Jetra.” The pairing, composed of main character Jane Villanueva and her accidental-via-artificial-insemination baby daddy’s ex-wife, Petra Solano, had always been nothing more than a classic enemies-to-friends. Regardless, their loyal fans never let up – spamming Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media platforms.

Since the actual execution of Jetra has been highly unlikely, seeing as Jane The Virgin is a program that (unfortunately) revolves around Jane’s twists and turns through heterosexual love, the writers introduced something new. It’s being called “Jetra 2.0.”

Rosario Dawson is the new addition to the show’s cast, and is playing a new character named (you guessed it) Jane. Well, Jane Ramos, and called J.R. to avoid confusion. As Petra’s lawyer in a complicated case, the two have exhibited obvious mutual attraction as well as an increasing sexual tension. After J.R. made a comment about having an ex-girlfriend, Petra seemed to be entranced in their following scenes. In “Chapter Seventy-Four,” she even had a sex dream about the former.

Petra had always been known as heterosexual before this arc in Jane The Virgin, but to that the writers say never say never. Although not yet officially confirmed, Petra’s apparent bisexuality is a stellar addition to the show’s list of LGBTQ+ characters. Among them, Petra is the most prominent character in Jane The Virgin‘s plot with the most screen time.

Nobody except for JTV‘s writers really knows where the show is going to take this storyline. But whether this love affair is permanent or a short-lived fling, the biggest cause for celebration is that fans were right when they got a gay vibe from Petra Solano.

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