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How Khalid’s Merch Store is Groundbreaking

November 2, 20183 min read

Khalid burst onto the music scene with his song “Location” in February of 2017, at only 18 years old. In March of that year, he released his debut album, American Teen. By October, it had gone platinum. Aside from his music, Khalid is known for his authenticity, relatability to the new generation and kindness towards his fans. Since the release of his new EP “Suncity,” Khalid has proven that he hasn’t let his stardom dilute his genuinely caring attitude towards fans.

Khalid released a completely new merch store, stocked with hats, sweatshirts, tees and other basic apparel items that stars sell with their albums. What makes Khalid’s store different is how fans pay. His clothes are reasonably priced, which is extremely rare for musicians’ merch. Bands like LANY charge $70 for sweatpants, while the most expensive items in Khalid’s store are the hoodies, which come with a free mp3 copy of his EP for only $39.99.

Furthermore, all of Khalid’s store offers a payment plan. This plan lets interested fans purchase in multiple installments, or even with official store “points”. No matter how cheap the item, his store offers a plan. Even his $5 EP can be purchased in $1 installments – no strings attached.

When you look for band merch online, one of the main concerns is pricing. For pages and pages, fans in chat rooms and comment sections complain about overpriced merchandise. However, despite these complaints, many still feel as though they’ll be labelled a “fake fan.” This toxicity runs rampant through many fan bases as competition to prove how much they care is banked on by the band. While many musicians gladly capitalize on the vulnerability and desire for belonging of fans, most of whom are teenagers, Khalid has chosen not to use his fans to simply fill his pockets and perpetuate a profit-centric approach to management that can leave poorer fans feeling inadequate.

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While these prices and plans could be seen as a simple offer, it stands out in an era where artists like Drake and Justin Bieber sell $350 jackets, cut off tank tops that cost almost $200. Khalid’s small act of kindness reveals a  consideration for fans, and breaks down a barrier. Khalid is showing that the validity of being a fan and accessibility to music shouldn’t be dictated by economic means.

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