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Hush: The Affordable Beauty and Skincare Destination

February 13, 20184 min read

Are you a makeup lover on a budget? Hush Beauty has got you covered.

This makeup retailer, that launched in January of last year, sells name-brand makeup and skincare for extremely affordable prices. There’s both an app and website available to browse on.

So what makes Hush different from other beauty retailers? One of the first things that caught my eye was just how affordable it was. Sure, they do carry some more expensive items, like some Tarte makeup or pricey clay masks. But for the most part, everything is relatively inexpensive. There’s even a section called “$2 and Below” which features a range of sheet masks, fake eyelashes, and much more.

They carry a wide range of brands, including ones that you probably haven’t heard of. I always love trying out new brands to see if I can find hidden gems that sell cheap beauty products. However, if you’d rather stick to brands you’ve heard of, Hush also carries more well-known beauty carriers. They carry drugstore makeup like ELF, Milani, and L.A. Girl, but also high-end brands like Beauty Blender and Sigma.

One of the things Hush is most known for is the intentional dupe palettes they sell. Makeup dupes have always been a controversial topic in the makeup community. Some people view them as rip-offs and aren’t willing to buy makeup that is knowingly duped. It’s completely understandable if you choose not to purchase dupes, but Hush still has plenty of other items that you can buy instead.

But for those of you who love eyeshadow palettes, but aren’t willing to spend a fortune on them: Hush may be your new best friend.

They carry palettes that are very similar to high-end ones. And the best part is, most of them are less than half the price of the original palette. If you’re a high schooler with a seasonal job, like me, that is an amazing deal. Especially when Hush has dupe palettes for quality and expensive brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda Beauty.

Some may be wondering if it’s even worth it to buy a dupe if the quality doesn’t compare to the real thing. It’s a safe bet to say that the dupe palette might not perform as well as a $40 palette. But, from my own experience, the dupe palette I bought (Aphrodite by Bad Habit) has pigmented shades and allows me to create a good eyeshadow look with it. I only paid $12 for it, and to me, it’s worth it.

Beauty gurus Laura Lee and Jackie Aina have both reviewed palettes from Hush, and they give their honest opinions on how they think the shadows perform. If you want to see how people who are experienced with makeup rate Hush, check out Laura’s video or Jackie’s.

If you download the Hush app and turn on notifications, you’ll get free shipping on every order. The app also offers exclusive deals you can’t get on the website like receiving a free gift of your choice to accompany your first order. You can choose from highlighters, lip scrubs, face masks and even eyeshadow palettes (that retail for $8) to be your free gift!

Several of the free gift options

If you’re on the hunt for makeup that won’t break the bank, Hush should definitely be the next beauty retailer you think about purchasing from.

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