I Don’t Know Why

October 15, 20171 min read

I wrote this poem at a time when I felt very insecure about myself. For so long, I acted a certain way because that was what everyone expected. The way I presented myself, talked and acted a manifestation of other people opinion, and then one day it just caught up to me and I didn’t recognize myself under all the walls I had put up, and this poem is about that process.

I feel the need to hide

and lock myself away

hanging to the side

and avoiding all.

I have a lot to say

but I keep it all inside

hoping for the right day,

the right time,

that I’ll say it anyway.


There’s nothing holding me back

no chains or weights

nothing but myself

too uneasy to put myself at risk


There’s a mask on my face

I’ve worn it for so long

that I don’t recognize my face

when it finally comes off


So I hide

but I don’t know why

keep the words inside

but I don’t know why


So I wait and bide my time

for the day to come and I finally find out why.

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Ikram Ali

An 18-year-old book nerd who is addicted to coffee and large fantasy novels. Currently disheartened with the state of the world but determined to make it right. She is the TV editor for Arts + Culture and you can make inquiries at [email protected]