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I Don’t Need No Prince Charming – Arts + Culture

I Don’t Need No Prince Charming

January 10, 20181 min read

I was always taught that it is better to love yourself and stay independent rather than depending on someone else for your own happiness. But I also learned that it is not a crime to yearn for the affection and love from another, since it is something normal for us to feel. This poem represents the girl who doesn’t need to rely on another for love and the girl who still somehow desires it.

I don’t need no prince charming.


Only someone willing to provide

a little love and nourishment to my

half-damaged roots


Someone who dares to stare into

the core of the moon and teach me

about some kind of eccentric universe

forever unknown to the rest of mankind


Someone willing to dance their dance

while I belt out my twisted melody,

the one disguised in light-hearted notes


Someone willing to annotate every

bit of my complexities and find beauty

ike they are ancient art on display


I don’t need no prince charming

I don’t need no saving


but I could use some gentle attention